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We want to develop and maintain strong relationships with our pastoral leaders throughout CBOQ. To that end, we provide a system by which pastors are connected for support and accountability to others within our family of churches. Accreditation, supervision and ordination all encourage our leaders to excellence and effectiveness in ministry. These processes are administered through our Department of Church Life and Leadership Development.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • It strengthens the relationship among churches and pastoral leaders by ensuring there is a standard for the practice of ministry.

  • As pastoral leaders move from one setting to another, it gives congregations an assurance of solid, shared commitments.

  • It confirms to the broader constituency your suitability as a pastoral leader for service in the Christian community.

  • It provides professional accountability which is recognized in the Christian community and beyond.

  • It confirms your professional status with government and non-government agencies.

  • It establishes levels of accreditation which helps to determine your recommended salary level.

  • Ordination enables you to receive a license to officiate at weddings in Ontario.

Ordination vs. Accreditation

CBOQ affirms the right of the local church to ordain, that is the setting apart as a recognition and commissioning of a person’s call from God, his or her spiritual gifts, suitability, and training for Christian ministry. That is why it is the local church, along with other churches in their Association that examine a candidate and confirms their call.

CBOQ, on the other hand, accredits pastoral leaders. In other words, they ensure that a person has attained the proper level of education for the ministry he or she is called to perform, is competent in the skills required, and has the suitable character to fulfil their calling. Through the process of accreditation, CBOQ ensures the professionalism of its pastoral leaders and holds them accountable.

Emerging Leaders

Do you know an emerging leader?

Do you sense a calling to ministry?

Download some suggestions to help you discern and contact Ken Foo, Director of Church Life and Leadership for guidance.

New CBOQ Pastors' Orientation

Annually the CBOQ offers an orientation for all those who are new to our family of churches, be they new pastors fresh out of seminary or seasoned pastors who have never been accredited by CBOQ.​


For all of the pastoral leaders who are becoming newly credentialed with us at Level 2 or 3, we require a period of supervision from an experienced minister. For the details, see the Accreditation Manual.

If you are serving as a supervisor for this process, there are suggestions for approaches in our Supervision Guide.

For more information, or for print copies of these resources, email Yevgeniya Bakai ( or call 416-620-2933.