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MTL City West Baptist Church Front

Church as a Workplace

Churches are places for ministry, for community and connection; they’re also workplaces. Caring for pastoral or support staff well is part of creating a healthy, thriving church.

Search Committees

Transitions can be difficult for churches. Search committees need to find the right candidate for their congregation and ensure the congregation is cared for in the meantime.

Post your Ministry Opportunities

If you would like to post a new position, download our Job Posting Submission form below. Please send the completed form to Yevgeniya Bakai, Admin. Assistant, Church Life and Leadership.

Job Postings on the CBOQ website expire after 90 days unless otherwise specified, but churches are welcome to resubmit their job posting after that time if they wish it to remain on our jobs board. If you would like to remove your job posting before it expires, please contact Yevgeniya Bakai by email ( or at 416-620-2933.

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What’s Next? Our Pastor Resigned, 108 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
What’s Next? I’m Considering Resigning, 90 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
What’s Next – I’ve Resigned, 127 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Pastoral and Ministry Placement Manual, 543 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
MIP template, 54 KBdocchurch-operations personneldoc
Guide to Pastors Payroll, 121 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
FAQ Clergy Misconduct CBOQ, 207 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Developing a Sabbatical Policy, 189 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Building Sound HR Practices: A Workbook for Your Church, 805 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
A Guide to Parental Leave, 254 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
A Guide to Interim Ministry, , , , 338 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations finance personnel transitionspdf
Procedure Manual for Pastoral Search Teams, , , 607 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations personnel transitionspdf
Toward the Next Chapter: Considerations for Pastoral Leaders Approaching “Retirement”, , , , , 5 MBpdfchurch-leaders church-life church-operations leadership-resources personnel transitionspdf