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Church treasurers have an important job in the operations of a church.

From keeping the lights on, to payroll, to maintaining charitable status, to ensuring the offering is stewarded responsibly, treasurers’ tasks are critical to the well-being of a church. Not all churches have an accountant in their congregation who can perform these duties, meaning that there is a steep learning curve for many church treasurers.

CBOQ equips treasurers with guides, workshops, information and consultation to help them be better stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them for the sake of the Kingdom.

Mortgage Loans Available for CBOQ Churches!

CBOQ has funds available to provide our churches with mortgage loans to assist them with major building projects and renovations!

The mortgage application form can be found here.

Resources for Church Finances

New Treasurer Contact

When a new treasurer is appointed, please inform the following as soon as possible to update our contact records so that we can stay connected with you:​

Canada Life (Pension Plan)

New Treasurers

Email and provide the name, email address, phone number and date the new Treasurer will assume the Treasurer position. Ensure to include the word “Savings” in the email subject line.

AGA Benefit Solutions (Group Benefits)

Name: Linda Bissonnette

Phone: toll free at 1-800-218-7018  x2222 or 905-477-7088 x2222
Fax: 905-477-2249

AGA Benefit Solutions
8901 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 228
Markham, ON  L3R 9Y4

Paola Alvarez
Finance Coordinator
Phone: 416-620-2931


To ensure a smooth transition, we have prepared a Church Treasurer Transition Checklist guide for you.

PENSION PLAN (Canada Life)

All permanent employees who have a minimum of 700 working hours per year or minimum earnings of 35% of the CPP Maximum Pensionable Earnings are eligible to join the Plan. Employee contribution rates since 2007 are 6.00%.

Outgoing treasurers, please share the password to CBBenefits Treasurer’s Portal with the incoming treasurer. Contact Paola Alvarez at if you require assistance retrieving the password.

Additional information about the pension plan is available by clicking the “Pension” button below.


CBOQ provides a group benefit plan and a defined contribution pension plan through our partnership with Canadian Baptist Ministries. Since these are both compulsory plans, churches are obligated to offer them to all employees that qualify. For Benefits Plan administration purposes, the new treasurer should contact AGA Benefits to:

  1. Provide their new contact information
  2. Be trained on procedures for:
    1. Enrolment of new plan members
    2. Updating changes for their plan members
    3. Termination of plan members
  3. Learn how to handle billing and premium payment issues


CBOQ’s Certificate Loan program provides a unique, practical opportunity to extend the kingdom of God in our member churches. Instead of leaving your investment with a bank or credit union, you can directly invest with CBOQ and support member churches that have a need for a mortgage for church renovation or church construction.

Find out more about Certificate Loans!

Online Giving for CBOQ Churches

CBOQ has partnered with, an online giving platform designed to help churches increase giving and engagement with tools built for ministries. As giving trends change, and fewer people give by cash or cheque, having online giving options can make a substantial difference for churches.

Latest Workshop

TitleCategoriesFile SizeFile TypeLinkhf:doc_categorieshf:doc_tagshf:file_type
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Certificate-Loan-Application-July-2022, 293 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
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Restricted Funds Breakdown, 298 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Monthly Church Contribution Form, 252 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Internal Audit Guide for CBOQ Churches, 313 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Insurance Group Program for Churches, 217 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
HST for Churches, 244 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Writing an Investment Policy, 119 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Financial Reporting for CNCA church, 326 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Disbursement Quota Reform for Charities, 90 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Clergy Residence Deduction, 199 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Charitable Activities Abroad, 218 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide for Raising and Disbursing Benevolent Support, 286 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Donor Designated Gifts, 165 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Treasurer Transition Checklist, 153 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Teller Procedures, 1 MBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Budget Preparation Checklist, 119 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Avoiding Problems with Restricted Funds, 170 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Basic-Group-Benefits-Subsidy-Form-2023, 65 KBxlsxchurch-operations financexlsx
Basic-Group-Benefits-Subsidy-Description-2023, 100 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
A Guide to Interim Ministry, , , , 338 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations finance personnel transitionspdf
CBBenefits Member Guide, , , 709 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations finance transitionspdf