Grant Application Deadlines:

Spring: April 15

Fall: October 15








CBOQ Pastors and Leaders,

We’re excited that you are considering applying for a CBOQ grant! Doing so means that you are invested in your church and in sharing the Gospel with your neighbours.

To equip our churches and leaders, CBOQ has four categories of grants for which you can apply:

  1. Planting grants, which support churches in planting new churches or re-planting existing ones
  2. Revitalization grants, which support churches in developing and communicating their vision
  3. Ministry grants, which strengthen churches in launching, scaling up or improving initiatives
  4. Internship grants, which strengthen the ministry of church plants

Here you can find information on the following:

About the grants program

What is(and isn’t) funded

Criteria for approval

Eligibility assessment

How to apply, application deadlines and what you need to begin

Our desire is to keep our grants process as transparent and simple as possible to ensure that you, our churches and leaders, are able to access the financial resources you need for the work God has called you to accomplish.

We are pleased to be able to serve our family of churches in this way. If you have questions or would like to talk through your ideas, please contact us.

About the CBOQ Grants Program

CBOQ’s grants are designed to resource its churches in the areas of church planting, revitalization and ministry so that they might better fulfil the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in the spirit of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40).

Through generous donations to CBOQ over many decades, we have been blessed with the opportunity to distribute over $5 million dollars to our church plants and missional initiatives over the 25+ year lifespan of our grants program. Over 160 of our churches have benefitted from the grants program.

Grants Program Mandate

CBOQ’s mandate remains the same with our Grants Program, as we are directed by our family of churches at CBOQ Assembly. It is:

1. Resourcing Churches

CBOQ stimulates a climate for mission growth by supporting and guiding churches, encouraging innovation and making available the best training, resource material and consulting so that member churches can engage in the mission from God in their community.

2. Developing Leaders

CBOQ enhances training, development and support for pastors and leaders, and help people discover and exercise their gifts to the glory of God.

3. Fostering Partnerships

CBOQ builds partnerships with and among churches, in associations and with others invested in serving Jesus.

4. Strengthening Relationships and Identity

CBOQ encourages our sense of shared relationship and identity as Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and intentionally celebrate our diversity.

CBOQ Grants Process

Development: 0-6 months

  • The idea
    What ministry opportunity is before you?
  • The application
    Use the application process to develop your idea into a ministry plan

Implementation: 1-2 years

Generally, funds are distributed monthly to help implement the vision of the ministry.

Evaluation: Every 6-12 months

What are you learning from this experience? What are the outcomes of the project?

  • Progress report: Every 6 months
  • Financial report: Every 12 months


What has God done in your church and your community as a result of your ministry? How has the grant helped your church thrive?

Stories may be included in our publications, including The Canadian Baptist eNews or magazine, on our blog, social media feeds, etc.

Grant Categories – What CBOQ will consider funding



Support churches in planting new churches or in re-planting

What CBOQ Provides

CBOQ provides your church with consultation and coaching and works with your planting team in developing the skills to support this plant.


Up to $24,000 per year

Average Range:
$12,000 -18,000 per year

Up to 2 years


Develop a new Gospel expression

Note: In the same year, churches may apply for either a church planting grant or an internship grant, not both.





Encourage churches toward revitalization by supporting missional activities that help them connect to their communities.

What CBOQ Provides

CBOQ provides revitalization resources, coaching and a three-year revitalization learning journey.


Up to $2,400 per year

Amount Range:
$1,200 – $2,400 per year

up to 1 year


Develop or pilot a new initiative for missional engagement that connects with your community.

Develop or pilot an activity that supports the revitalization of your church.





Strengthen churches in launching, scaling up or improving initiatives.

What CBOQ Provides

CBOQ provides consultation and coaching. If possible, CBOQ provide support and coaching for your initiative.


Up to $6,000 per year

Amount Range:
$1,200 – $4,800 per year

Up to 2 years


Launch, replicate or adapt a program or mission

Scale up a program currently delivered, thus impacting more people

Improve the quality of a program currently delivered to increase impact.




Support the vision and mission of a church plant or a serve alongside a church in its ministry.

What CBOQ Provides

CBOQ provides both the church and the intern with consultation and coaching and works with your planting team or ministry leaders in developing the skills to encourage ministry development.


Up to $10,000 per year

Amount Range:
$6,000 – $8,000 per year

1 year


Mutual support between church plant or church pastoral ministry and intern.

Note: In the same year, churches may apply for either a church planting grant or an internship grant, not both.


What Isn’t Funded

CBOQ has been entrusted to steward funds to equip churches and leaders as they engage in their mission from God in their community.  The following factors have been discerned by the CBOQ Board and Grants Committee as examples of funding that are not eligible.

Core Funding

CBOQ grants are not intended for your church’s core operations. Staffing and administrative costs might be associated with your initiative, but grant applications with the goal of increasing overall capacity of the church will not be approved.

Maintaining an Existing Program

CBOQ grants are not to be used to maintain existing initiatives. Applications must demonstrate how the initiative will impact the community. Grants are designed to develop a new Gospel expression, launch or adapt a program or scale up an existing initiatives.

Capital Items (equipment, renovations, new capital construction)

CBOQ grants are not intended for improvements or additions to buildings or facilities. Grant funds are not to be used for the purchase of equipment, except when it may be necessary to commence an initiative or micro grants.

Requests to Discharge Pre-Existing Debts of Churches

CBOQ grants are not to be used to discharge pre-existing debts.

Recouping Costs

Applications for items and equipment already purchased will not be the priority of the grant committee.

Criteria for Approval

What We’re Looking For

All our CBOQ churches are engaged in valuable ministry in their communities and discerning which ones most need our finite funding is a challenging task! We will review all applications, and adjudicate based on the following four categories.

Grant Alignment

How does this grant application align with the mission of the church and the objectives of the grants program?

Questions to ask:
  • How does your church describe its vision, values or mission? Does the church have a clear mission statement?
  • How will this initiative equip your church to live out its vision, values or mission?

Application Quality

Grant applications should demonstrate a prayerfully discerned and well-planned initiative.

Questions to ask:
  • Do you have defined and demonstrable project objectives?
  • Do you have a workable ministry plan that will help bring your vision into reality?
  • Have you identified measurable benchmarks? Does the grant application show a clear impact on community?
  • Can your initiative become self-sustaining?
  • Will you produce appropriate progress reports?
  • Is your project financially feasible?

Investment in People

Initiatives should demonstrate a commitment to developing disciples and leaders who are committed to serving through the ministry of your congregation.

Questions to ask:
  • How will you provide training and equipping to disciple the project leaders and ministry volunteers?
  • How will you use the learnings of this initiative to better equip your church?

Kingdom Collaboration

How does this initiative demonstrate a commitment to a collaborative ministry with a partner church or organization?

Questions to ask:
  • Does your projects have collaboration with multiple CBOQ churches or associations?
  • Does your projects bring together other groups in ministry?

Is my church eligible?

Fill out my online form.

Grant Application

Once you have completed a successful eligibility assessment, you are ready to begin your grant application!

A few things to know before you begin:

  • You will need to discuss specific questions with your committee and church board before starting your application. Please download What You Need to Begin (below) to guide your discussions.
  • Your church will need to complete the Application Resolution (below) with your congregation to complete your application. While this is a signed form you can complete it online and upload the file to your application.
  • You can save and return to your application by copying your application link.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your completed application within five business days and inform you if we have any questions or concerns before we can proceed.
  • You will need to request an endorsement letter from your association.
  • Applications must be received by the deadline for consideration in the current intake. Your application is not complete until your church resolution, financial statements and association letter are received. These can be uploaded with your application, or email direct to Jenya Bakai at

Application Deadlines

Spring Grants Deadline: April 15
Fall Grants Deadline: October 15

Grant Reports

Progress reports are due every 6 months for the duration of the grant. Financial reports are due annually.

Spring reports due April 15
Fall reports due October 15

Prepare to submit your report by downloading the Story guide and grant questions.


Grant Application Form

Please ensure that you have read through the above information before commencing your grant application.

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