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Resources for churches and leaders

CBOQ is a family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

TitleCategoriesFile SizeFile TypeLinkhf:doc_categorieshf:doc_tagshf:file_type
accreditation manual short version new2 MBpdfpdf
Ministry Information Profile template (Pages)758 KBpagespages
Ministry Information Profile template (Word), 70 KBdocxchurch-development church-leaders church-lifedocx
CBOQ 2023 Annual Impact Report, , , 7 MBpdfchurch-leaders church-life church-operations financepdf
Mortgage Application Form, 528 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Certificate-Loan-Application-July-2022, 293 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Summary of Grants, Loans, Subsidies, 154 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Sample T4 – Own Accomodations, 65 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Sample Donor Giving Policy, 168 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Restricted Gifts – Description, 160 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Restricted Funds Breakdown, 298 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Monthly Church Contribution Form, 252 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Internal Audit Guide for CBOQ Churches, 313 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Insurance Group Program for Churches, 217 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
HST for Churches, 244 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Writing an Investment Policy, 119 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Financial Reporting for CNCA church, 326 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Disbursement Quota Reform for Charities, 90 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Clergy Residence Deduction, 199 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide to Charitable Activities Abroad, 218 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Guide for Raising and Disbursing Benevolent Support, 286 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Donor Designated Gifts, 165 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Treasurer Transition Checklist, 153 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Teller Procedures, 1 MBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Church Budget Preparation Checklist, 119 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Avoiding Problems with Restricted Funds, 170 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
Basic-Group-Benefits-Subsidy-Form-2023, 65 KBxlsxchurch-operations financexlsx
Basic-Group-Benefits-Subsidy-Description-2023, 100 KBpdfchurch-operations financepdf
What’s Next? Our Pastor Resigned, 108 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
What’s Next? I’m Considering Resigning, 90 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
What’s Next – I’ve Resigned, 127 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Pastoral and Ministry Placement Manual, 543 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
MIP template, 54 KBdocchurch-operations personneldoc
Guide to Pastors Payroll, 121 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
FAQ Clergy Misconduct CBOQ, 207 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Developing a Sabbatical Policy, 189 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Building Sound HR Practices: A Workbook for Your Church, 805 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
A Guide to Parental Leave, 254 KBpdfchurch-operations personnelpdf
Example Policy for Church Members, 210 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Baptism and Church Membership, 772 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Sample Property Use Policy, 165 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Responsibilities of Church Trustees, 61 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Guide to Developing a Local Church Privacy Policy, 192 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Guide to Church Incorporation, 409 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Guide to Church Constitutions, 373 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Guide to Child Safety, 371 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, 264 KBpdfchurch-operations governancepdf
A Guide to Interim Ministry, , , , 338 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations finance personnel transitionspdf
Retired Minister’s Future Ministry Form – Appendix 2, 183 KBpdfchurch-leaders transitionspdf
Procedure Manual for Pastoral Search Teams, , , 607 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations personnel transitionspdf
CBBenefits Member Guide, , , 709 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-operations finance transitionspdf
What’s Next? I’m Retiring, , , 111 KBpdfchurch-leaders church-life leadership-resources transitionspdf
Toward the Next Chapter: Considerations for Pastoral Leaders Approaching “Retirement”, , , , , 5 MBpdfchurch-leaders church-life church-operations leadership-resources personnel transitionspdf
Retired Minister’s Future Ministry Form – Appendix 2, 183 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Personal Growth Plan, 810 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Pastoral Ethics and Character, 92 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Developing a Sabbatical Policy, 189 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Baptist History and Identity Course Student Guide, 836 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Baptist History and Identity Course Leaders Guide, 774 KBpdfchurch-life leadership-resourcespdf
Why Baptist?, 911 KBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Transforming Churches, 537 KBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Strengthening Pastor-Board Relationships: A Toolkit, , 651 KBpdfchurch-development church-life leadership-resourcespdf
Conflict Resources: Clarifying Conflict, 518 KBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Church and Change, 2 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Board Resources, 1 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Board Discernment, 151 KBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Remember & Celebrate All Ages Service, 7 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Intergenerational Worship, 7 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Imaginative Hope: Reaching and Engaging the Next Generation with the Gospel, 2 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Grad Mentor Package, 4 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf
Faith Formation 2.0, 1 MBpdfchurch-development church-lifepdf