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About Us


A family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

CBOQ supports local churches and their communities by training leaders, supporting innovative ministries, responding compassionately to social needs, responding to crises and providing churches with administrative and financial services. In partnership with our local churches, CBOQ also plays a collaborative role in seeding new expressions of church for today.

By providing resources for churches and leaders, we seek to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbours and share with others the love he has shown us.


Annual Impact Report 2023

We are 300+ strong, confident that we serve a mighty God!

That is who we are. The CBOQ Annual Impact Report shares the many things we have been able to accomplish through the partnership of our churches and generosity of our donors.

We hope you will be inspired by what you, our churches and leaders, have helped us accomplish. We are privileged and blessed to serve this family.

If you would like to be a part of helping CBOQ fulfill its mission to equip churches and leaders to engage in their mission from God in their communities, visit our give page!

Equipping Churches and Leaders

CBOQ's Mission

CBOQ exists to equip our churches and leaders to engage with their mission from God in their community. 

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Who We Are

CBOQ churches are grouped into 16 Associations across Ontario and Quebec for common fellowship, resourcing and mission. Each Association has an Association Ministry Committee to strengthen the work of our pastors and other ministry leaders. Many of the Associations are also involved in organizing camps as part of their ministry work.

New churches join the CBOQ by first becoming members of their local Association.  Our Associations are also involved in evaluating and supporting ministry grant applicants.

For Association websites, click on the available links in the list. If the association you need to contact is not on the list, please contact our offices for further details.

To request a copy of the CBOQ Constitution, fill out the form below, or click here.

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If your church is still using CBOQ's old logo, contact us!

For how to get our logo files and some more information on the new logo and what it means, click the button below.

CBOQ’s Brand and Logo

CBOQ Assembly

Assembly is our annual family reunion for our family of churches.

In June, we come together at Assembly, a time for Canadian Baptists from across Ontario and Quebec to gather, worship together, pray for one another, make decisions together and grow as a family of churches. At Assembly, we welcome engaging speakers, thoughtful and talented worship leaders and—most of all—delegates and members from our churches.

CBOQ Assembly Logo