CBOQ’s Certificate Loan program provides a unique, practical opportunity to extend the kingdom of God in our member churches. Instead of leaving your investment with a bank or credit union, you can directly invest with CBOQ and support member churches that have a need for a mortgage.

Certificate Loans made to the Canadian Baptist of Ontario and Quebec assist with CBOQ’s Church Mortgage Program. Loans evidenced by promissory notes executed under CBOQ’s corporate seal may be secured:

  • At any time
  • At a minimum amount of $1,000.00
  • In multiples of $100.00
  • For a term of:
    • One year bearing interest at 5.00%
    • Two years bearing interest at 5.05%
    • Three years bearing interest at 4.50%
    • Four years bearing interest at 4.60%
    • Five years bearing interest at 4.35%

– Rates reviewed September 2023 –

  • With interest payable on the anniversary date each year

A small penalty is charged for early redemption.

At the end of the term your loan may be:
1. Renewed for a further term
2. Redeemed
3. Donated to CBOQ

In addition, you may donate your interest to CBOQ.


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