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During last month’s CBOQ Assembly, we featured videos of pastors, leaders and chaplains from across our family of churches. They shared their voices and spoke candidly on challenges, bridges and hopes: 

  • Challenges they’ve faced throughout the pandemic:
    • “In my unit, I had to re-learn how to do ministry. And all that we do as chaplains has to do with being present; being physically present with people, to be able to see them, to see how they are, see their body language, and we were cut off from that when all of this [COVID-19] started.” – Michelet Dormeus, Petawawa Chaplain, Canadian Armed Forces 
  • What bridges they saw being built between churches and in the community:
    • “Parents are spending more time with the kids and because they recognize that they are the primary group who nurtures, giving spiritual [food] to their kids, and they’re starting partnerships with the churches or with us.”
      – Catherine Chan, Children’s Ministry, North Toronto Chinese Church
  • What their hopes were for not only for their own churches but the CBOQ family overall: 
    • “I think my hopes and dreams for churches in general, is that we do recognize that we are a family, that though we may have differences, and may understand things differently, we have one Lord and Saviour, Jesus, and he is the head of all of our churches.” – Rob Sellito, Pastor, Bromley Road Baptist, Church 

Maybe you can relate to some of what they shared and take away an idea or two. And as always, we’d encourage you to pray for your fellow pastors, leaders, and chaplains as they continue to answer their call from God. While there were a good number of people featured in these videos, we know that there are dozens more within our CBOQ family who remain faithful stewards of the Gospel. You can possibly even reach out to someone in the video to connect and start a conversation! We’re so excited to see how God inspires and mobilizes our family of churches in the days ahead.   

Make time to watch the full video below or by clicking here. 

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