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Church Planting with CBOQ

Church Planters and Missional Leaders 

We know that being a Church Planter or Missional Leader today can be an exciting, yet challenging venture. That’s why at CBOQ we provide four stepping stones of Orientation, Connection, Training and Support that will guide you every step of the way. 
Stepping Stone #1 - Orientation


Like never before, we need people who can incarnate the gospel in ways that make a difference. Begin a conversation with CBOQ and discover the opportunities and possibilities that will support you on your church planting and missional journey. 

You will be invited to join our Church Planter’s and Missional Leader’s gatherings to connect with people just like you. In these gatherings, you’ll hear about our purpose to enable the proclamation, demonstration, and empowering of the gospel. You will also have the opportunity to apply for our assessment process for Church Planting and Missional Leaders. 

Stepping Stone #2 - Connection


After completing the orientation step, we will guide you to make deeper connections and journey with other missional people. Here is what is available: 

  • Missional Assessments
  • Accreditation – get accreditation as a Church Planter/Missional Leader  
  • Church Sponsorships – get the support you need when we link you with a sending church
  • Book Clubs – join our online book club where we’ll delve into current topics that will equip you for action
  • Retreats – join our yearly Church Planter/Missional Leader Retreat for moments to connect with each other and God. There is also a coaching feature that will help you set goals for the year ahead. 
  • Social Media Group – join our chat group to share and talk with like-minded Church Planter/Missional Leader friends
  • Grant Funding –  there is opportunity to receive grant funding that will support your work and ministry

Make CBOQ your home today. 

Stepping Stone #3 - Training


Having the knowledge and being able to make a missional difference are two different things. That’s why getting equipped for the missional task is essential. Doing mission in the Canadian context also requires a kind of collaboration that is easily missed. Take these training opportunities to develop your skills, practice and knowledge:

  • Church Planting Today Course – develop cultural, social and spiritual awareness through these evening classes especially designed to encourage missional imagination
  • Evangelism Master Class – monthly meetings that will help you develop the skills and abilities of an evangelist
  • Evangelism Weekend – attend these optional weekends where we help churches develop a missional outlook
Stepping Stone #4 - Support


We know that Church Planting and Missional Leadership can be a lonely yet exciting journey. In a context where most church plants fail within three years, coaching may be the essential ingredient for your longevity There are challenges and opportunities that we dare not face alone. Through coaching, we’ll walk with you every step of the way for your first year.


Testimonials from Church Planters

“I love church planters and missional leaders gatherings.”

“It was so good to be with you and fellow church planters and learn from you all. Thank you for making a space for the book club. It’s very good.”

“Thank you for the great fellowship we had at the Church Planters Retreat. It was a glorious time with God and you all.”

“It is such a privilege to hear the stories of other people who are planting churches. What God is doing encouraged me.”

Church Planting Stepping Stones


Start a Missional Activity

Get started now with an online cafechurch@home event!

Download here:

Church Planting Internship with a CBOQ Church

To help church planters get started in the right direction, CBOQ is offering church planting internship opportunities. Internships are fully funded by CBOQ and offer a unique way for church plants to have additional help while giving an intern valuable church planting experience.

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