CBOQ Assembly

CBOQ is a family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom. Part of being that family means gathering together at our annual family reunion, a time for Canadian Baptists from across Ontario and Quebec to gather, worship together, pray for one another, make decisions together and grow as a family of churches. At Assembly, we welcome engaging speakers, thoughtful and talented worship leaders and—most of all—delegates and members from our churches.

CBOQ Assembly 2020

On April 3, your CBOQ Board made the difficult decision to postpone our CBOQ Assembly planned for this June. The Board has directed staff to make plans for a one-day event on October 3 that will look different than our usual Assembly, while still providing opportunity to be together and to conduct necessary business. In addition, we are making plans for a Pastors’ Day add-on experience on Friday, October 2. We will share information with you as schedule, location and other details are finalized. Some of you may be wondering why we aren’t holding a virtual meeting instead of postponing. The short answer is that our by-law does not allow for virtual meetings of members. While the CNCA does allow for “hybrid virtual AGMs,” where some participants are physically present and some are virtual, our board feels that based on current government and public health authority directives, holding such a meeting in June would not be possible. Please save the date for both pastors day and Assembly in October. We look forward to sharing more in due course regarding our plans for this very different Assembly and to being together again in person.

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