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Have you heard the expression “up a creek without a paddle”? Waiting for guidance from local and provincial authorities regarding opening overnight camps, it has seemed this way at times. As staff set to prepare for Summer 2021, working with agility was necessary. They harnessed all their creativity to plot plans A, B, and C to make this the best camping season possible for the children and families they serve. Camp staff have written and re-written policy and procedures to ensure fun, healthy, meaningful programs were in place as July rolled in.   

This past year, Camp Oneida, Camp Hermosa, and Camp Kwasind spent time discussing how they can best serve CBOQ families. Camp Kwasind Senior Staff participated in weekly conversations since March 2020 with the Ontario Camping Association, focusing on the mutual success of summer camps in the province. Even before the kick-off of this camping season, staff have been looking ahead with hope to summer 2022 and preparing to make it an EPIC Summer Adventure for campers. 

Camp staff are incredibly busy keeping safety their number one priority, as they run new programs. So how can we support our beloved camps and encourage these faithful leaders? Participate. If your local camp is running a program this summer, join in. Maybe that means registering a grandchild so they can meet their favourite camp leader online, or it means getting away for a couple days for an EPIC Family Adventure 

Another way to support camps is through financial gifts. Every camp needs your support as they look to the future while maintaining property, buildings, staffing, and programs. An investment in camp is an investment in future generations. And the most important way we can show our appreciation is to take time to pray. The list of things to pray for is endless.   

The hard work and energy spent on caring for our communities exhibited by staff and volunteers at camp is inspiring. With God, we are never up a creek without a paddle. And so, once again, the world of Christian camping is proving that when we work together for the glory of God, great things happen. Whether you are toasting marshmallows on a beautiful fire or in your oven this year, may you have a safe and happy summer! 

Below are links to camps associated with CBOQ and our Associations. Please check them out and see how you can best encourage and support your local camp this summer. 

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