A family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.


CBOQ exists to equip churches and leaders as they engage in their mission from God in their community.


  • Faith. We cherish a personal and growing experience of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord as the heart of our faith.
  • Community. We value our sense of community in Christ in our family of churches, in Associations and other groups, in local churches and with other Christians as God’s people, recognizing our accountability to each other.
  • Mission. Our unifying purpose is to glorify God through reaching individuals for Christ through our witness to Christ’s presence, love and saving power.
  • Churches. We place importance on the local congregation as the body of believers established for worship, spiritual growth, fellowship and mission.
  • Cooperation. We promote voluntary partnerships with others to do things which individual churches can accomplish more effectively together.
  • Leadership. We recognize, as a priority focus, the development, training and support of pastoral leaders.
  • Learning. We place special importance on each individual learning to be a disciple, a lifelong process which involves studying scripture, reflecting on and practicing faith, engaging in personal and corporate mission and discerning and using spiritual gifts.
  • Prayer. We are convinced that effectiveness in ministry is dependent upon prayer. Therefore, the dreaming, planning and execution of ministry will be saturated in prayer.


CBOQ Identity
What it means to be a part of the CBOQ family

  • Develop a greater understanding of and stronger ties to CBOQ with leaders and congregants of all ages
  • Re-affirm the commitment and expectations of CBOQ to its member churches
  • Re-affirm the commitment and expectations of member churches to CBOQ

Church Planting
Growing our CBOQ family through fresh expressions of the gospel

  • Create an environment where churches are inspired and empowered to plant new churches and/or new mission initiatives
  • Provide resources for church planters and for churches looking to plant
  • Develop a team of regional personnel to support our church planters
  • Develop strategies and resources for congregational renewal, including re-planting

Clergy Care
Providing care and support to our ministry professionals

  • Provide resources and support to congregations in the areas of governance structures and human resources best practices
  • Develop a team of transition coaches to support churches through pastoral transitions
  • Create resources for retirement planning/preparation/transition for pastoral and ministry leaders
  • Foster ongoing support and encouragement to our pastoral leaders (senior, associate, youth, family) through regular contact, nurturing greater levels of relationship within our constituency and with CBOQ

Next Generation
Fostering future generations of Canadian Baptists

  • Champion/Advocate ministry responses to the changing reality of church in engaging children, youth, young adults and families outside of the church
  • Develop and implement a Volunteer Leadership Equipping Stream for Youth & Family Ministries
  • Empower and equip local churches and camping ministries to build strong and lasting relationships for the purpose of healthy spiritual development of the next generation

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