The living church is missional. Reaching out into our communities is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus—to share his Good News with those around us. CBOQ supports its churches with grants, refugee support, resources and more to help your church welcome people into Jesus’ kingdom.

Becoming a Welcoming Church for New Canadians

April 19 | April 26 2023      7-9pm online

Canada is a diverse place, and our churches are becoming more beautifully reflective of many nationalities and cultures. Even so we know there is much more work to be done. What could a strategy of hospitality look like when welcoming families from other nations? How can we serve newcomers more effectively? What theological framework enables good connections with other cultures? How can we approach people with different worldviews? What stories and examples can help us shape a better welcome of New Canadians?

Join us for two exciting evening classes comprised of a combination of presentations, stories and discussion. Here is an opportunity to get equipped to offer a more effective welcome to new Canadians.

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Grants for Missional Initiatives

CBOQ provides grants to help our churches access ministry opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. We support the innovative, sustainable and replicable ideas of our churches so that when God calls them to take a leap of faith, we are able to come alongside them—and share those good ideas with other churches.

As funding allows, CBOQ offers small to medium sized grants to member churches wishing to begin or expand outward-focused ministry.

CBOQ grants can help start new ministries, or give a boost to existing ones to help them flourish. While the goal is always to work toward sustainability, sometimes a grant can help to get a good idea off the ground and create incredible opportunities to shine the light of Christ into new places.

We serve a creative God, who is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. We are blessed to have the opportunity to equip our churches and leaders as they engage in their mission from God.

The grants deadline for Fall 2021 is October 15. Find out more about grants and apply here.

Sponsoring a Refugee

No one is a refugee by choice. Thousands of people are forced to flee their homes out of fear for their lives and liberty. Imagine leaving behind everything you know – food, culture, friends, family. Imagine leaving behind your home, your possessions, your security. Imagine arriving in a strange land with only what you can carry. Imagine finding yourself in a refugee camp, living in a tent, wondering if you will ever be home again. Find out more>>>

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