Board Nominations Now Open!

Please help us identify excellent candidates to serve on our CBOQ Board. Our governing board focuses on directing and protecting in the interests of our member churches as expressed through Assembly. This year, we are particularly in need of individuals skilled in policy development and pastoral leadership. We are also looking for qualified candidates for the Strategic Planning Committee, Canadian Baptist Ministries Board and board of trustees of McMaster Divinity College. In addition, we welcome volunteers to serve on several committees – Credentials, Financial Oversight, Investment, Grants, Ministerial Resources and Nominations.

CBOQ Board and Committee Needs

Successful candidates will have:

  • Passion for the church and CBOQ
  • Ability to analyze information and make policy decisions
  • A mature faith in Jesus Christ with an engaging Christian witness
  • Commitment to contribute to the board as a member of a team

We would particularly welcome leadership volunteers with expertise in the areas of policy development and pastoral/ministry leadership. If you know someone who fits one of these areas, please complete a Candidate for Nomination Form (below) or email Phoebe McPeak.

This coming year, we are seeking volunteers to serve specifically on the Strategic Planning Committee, Canadian Baptist Ministries Board and board of trustees of McMaster Divinity College. In addition, we welcome volunteers to serve on several committees – Credentials, Financial Oversight, Investment, Grant, Ministerial Resources, and Nominations.

Please take time today to think about people you know who have strengths and expertise in these areas and submit your candidates for nomination by December 1, 2017.

Our CBOQ Nominations Committee will discuss the candidates suggested for nomination and prioritize them based on Christian commitment, skill set, experience, profession, gender and geographic location.


CBOQ Board

Desired skill set: funding development, human resources, visionary thinkers, corporate law, non-profit sector, development sector, futurists/in tune with trends, accounting/finance, real estate, communications, theological education, key influences in our constituency.
Duties: The Board governs, administers, manages and gives oversight to the spiritual, temporal and administrative affairs, activities, business and property of CBOQ.

Financial Oversight Committee

Desired skill set: financial and accounting experience, knowledge of CBOQ.
Duties: to review the annual financial statements, to ensure compliance with accounting principles and to develop and recommend accounting policies.

Investment Committee

Desired skill set: investment experience.
Duties: to advise and assist the CBOQ Board in the investment of the funds of CBOQ in accordance with any investment policy of CBOQ and to advise and assist the CBOQ Board in the development of an investment policy and strategy.

Ministerial Resources Committee

Desired skill set: pastoral experience, knowledge of CBOQ.
Duties: to advise and assist the CBOQ Board in the development of policies and procedures related to ordination, accreditation, pastoral benefits and maintenance of pastoral records and files, and to review the credentials of pastors, where necessary, for disciplinary or other reasons in accordance with the policies and procedures of CBOQ.

Credentials Committee

Desired skill set: importance of understanding CBOQ polity
Duties: to advise and assist the Ministerial Resources Committee regarding standards and regulations for ordination and accreditation; to review and examine the spiritual, moral and academic qualifications and ministry experience of all persons applying for accreditation and ordination by CBOQ for professional ministry, and to grant final approval for candidates to proceed to an ordinations examining council at the call of a Local Church in accordance with the policies and procedures of CBOQ.

Nominations Committee

Desired skill set: knowledgeable of people in our constituency.
Duties: to prepare and submit a slate of nominations of qualified persons to be considered for positions within CBOQ, including members of the CBOQ Board and committees and CBOQ’s representatives to all Partners in Mission for which CBOQ has the responsibility of electing representatives; to ensure that all persons being nominated for a position in CBOQ are qualified, and to obtain the consent of all nominees before presenting their names for election by the Members at the annual Meeting of Members.

Strategic Planning Committee

Desired skill set: strategic planning experience, knowledge of CBOQ.
Duties: to advise and assist the CBOQ Board in the development of a strategic plan for CBOQ.

Grants Committee

Desired skill set: financial expertise, creative, missional thinkers, knowledge of CBOQ

Duties: to advise and assist the CBOQ Board in overseeing the grants application and the approval of funds, and in the development of its guidelines and strategy.

Canadian Baptist Ministries Board

Desired skill set: candidates should demonstrate wisdom, vision, and mature judgment, and be able to engage in conceptual and strategic-level thinking in a policy governance framework. A passion for cross-cultural ministry is important.
Duties: to assist the organization in developing strategies to accomplish its mission and to be the “guardians” of its operations, ensuring the employment of standard practices, ethical behaviour and effective use of funds.

Board of Trustees of McMaster Divinity College

Desired skill set: candidates will demonstrate wisdom, vision and mature judgment in governing the affairs of the College. Candidates must be fully and actively supportive of the evangelical stance of the College and of its mission: To develop effective evangelical Christian leadership for the 21st century through university-level education, professional training and on-going support.
Duties: to regularly attend Board meetings (usually three per year) and be prepared to be involved in either the Senate and/or other committees of the College and such development sessions as may be determined. To be willing to support the financial mission of the College either directly or through personal contacts, and to promote the recruitment of students for the College through their spheres of influence.

Grants Committee

Skills and Duties coming soon!

Candidate for Nomination Form

Fill out my online form.

2016-2017 Board Executive

The CBOQ Board of Directors serves as our governing body between our annual membership meetings at Assembly. The board gives direction and leadership to the spiritual, temporal and administrative affairs and business and property management of the CBOQ. Our board consists of 12 elected directors, three officer-directors (President, 1st Vice President, and Past-President) and one appointed director (2nd Vice President.) Each elected board member is elected for a three-year term that is renewable for one additional term. Board members are nominated by our constituency and are chosen/elected by our members each year at our annual membership meeting at Assembly. Board members must be 18 years old or older, a member in good standing at a CBOQ church and be in full agreement with our constitution.

Our CBOQ board meets five times each year to conduct and carry out the governance responsibilities assigned to it in our bylaw. We are blessed by the sacrificial commitment of our CBOQ board members. Their faithfulness allows us to continue to fulfil our mission of revealing God’s kingdom in Ontario and Quebec.


Heather Rumball
Kingsway Baptist Church, Etobicoke
Term Expires: 2019

2nd Vice-President

Steve Barker
Hope Community, Cumberland Beach
Term Expires: 2021

1st Vice-President

Robert McCarty
First Baptist Church, New Liskeard
Term Expires: 2020

Past President

Murray Kohler
Glen Acres Baptist Church, Waterloo
Term Expires: 2018

Erika Abele, Mississauga City Baptist Church (Term Expires: 2018)
Janice Charko, Kipling Avenue Baptist Church, Toronto (Term Expires: 2019)
Robert Denhoed, Harmony Road Baptist Church, Oshawa (Term Expires: 2020)
Frank Fedyk, Bromley Road Baptist Church, Ottawa (Term Expires: 2018)
Christopher Lu, Montreal City Baptist Church (Term Expires: 2019)
Eva Mak, Logos Baptist Church, Mississauga (Term Expires: 2020)
Janet McKenzie, Heritage Green Baptist Church, Stoney Creek (Term Expires: 2019)
Rob Van Middelkoop, Bothwell Baptist Church (Term Expires: 2019)
Dale Rose, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto (Term Expires: 2020)
Roger Schmid, First Baptist Niagara Falls, Niagara (Term Expires: 2018)
Koon Wah Leung, Spring Garden Baptist Church, Toronto (Term Expires: 2020)
Evelin Wharram, First Baptist Church, Kingsville (Term Expires: 2018)

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