The CBOQ Board

The CBOQ Board of Directors serves as our governing body between our annual membership meetings at Assembly. The board gives direction and leadership to the spiritual, temporal and administrative affairs and business and property management of the CBOQ. Our board consists of 12 elected directors, three officer-directors (President, 1st Vice President, and Past-President) and one appointed director (2nd Vice President.) Each elected board member is elected for a three-year term that is renewable for one additional term. Board members are nominated by our constituency and are chosen/elected by our members each year at our annual membership meeting at Assembly. Board members must be 18 years old or older, a member in good standing at a CBOQ church and be in full agreement with our constitution.

Our CBOQ board meets five times each year to conduct and carry out the governance responsibilities assigned to it in our bylaw. We are blessed by the sacrificial commitment of our CBOQ board members. Their faithfulness allows us to continue to fulfil our mission of revealing God’s kingdom in Ontario and Quebec.

2018-2019 Board Executive


Robert McCarty
First Baptist Church, New Liskeard
Term Expires: 2020

2nd Vice-President

Robert Denhoed
Harmony Road Baptist Church, Oshawa
Term Expires: 2022

1st Vice-President

Steve Barker
Hope Community Christian Church, Cumberland Beach
Term Expires: 2021

Past President

Heather Rumball
Kingsway Baptist Church, Etobicoke
Term Expires: 2019

CBOQ 2018-2019 Board


Erika Abele
Mississauga City Baptist Church
Term Expires: 2021

Janice Charko
Kipling Avenue Baptist Church, Toronto
Term Expires: 2019

Koon Wah Leung
Spring Garden Baptist Church, Toronto
Term Expires: 2020

Christopher Lu
Montreal City Baptist Church
Term Expires: 2019

Eva Mak
Logos Baptist Church, Mississauga
Term Expires: 2020

Janet McKenzie
Heritage Green Baptist Church, Stoney Creek
Term Expires: 2019

Dale Rose
Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto
Term Expires: 2020

Michael Sealy
First Baptist Church, Leamington
Term expires: 2021

David Taylor
Glen Acres Baptist Church, Waterloo
Term Expires: 2020

Rob VanMiddelkoop
Bothwell Baptist Church
Term Expires: 2019

Evelin Wharram
First Baptist Church, Kingsville
Term Expires: 2021

Volunteer with CBOQ

CBOQ is looking for committed, qualified Christ-followers from its Canadian Baptist family to serve on several committees, boards and at CBOQ’s office and events. If you would like to volunteer, or nominate someone to serve on a committee or a board, please submit your nominations electronically.

Board response to Assembly regarding Submissions of Assembly Motions/Proposal

As per our commitment at CBOQ Assembly 2018, we are sharing the updated procedures in accordance with the CNCA requirements for submitting motions and proposals. We are looking forward to the thoughtful ways in which we will continue to make decisions together at CBOQ Assembly 2019.

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