Grants for Missional Initiatives

CBOQ provides grants to help our churches access ministry opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. We support the innovative, sustainable and replicable ideas of our churches so that when God calls them to take a leap of faith, we are able to come alongside them—and share those good ideas with other churches.

As funding allows, CBOQ offers small to medium sized grants to member churches wishing to begin or expand outward-focused ministry.

CBOQ grants can help start new ministries, or give a boost to existing ones to help them flourish. While the goal is always to work toward sustainability, sometimes a grant can help to get a good idea off the ground and create incredible opportunities to shine the light of Christ into new places.

We serve a creative God, who is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. We are blessed to have the opportunity to equip our churches and leaders as they engage in their mission from God.

Grant Categories

CBOQ Grants are meant to enable ministry in several different areas:

Mission Planting

The whole world has come to Canada. A broad mission field has opened up at our doorstep. Mission plants are “discerned ventures” that have the potential and permission to become local expressions of the church. Mission planting begins by recognizing specific areas of ministry where God is already at work and joining with him; serving in Jesus’ name, sharing His love and salvation, allowing authentic community to develop and then coming together to celebrate God’s work in an appropriate manner.


Church Planting

Church Planting can take various shapes. A new congregation might start within an existing church or it might begin in a brand new setting, in an entirely different community. Sometimes, an existing church might consider “re-planting” – starting over again in the same place with a new mission. This is another expression of Church Planting.

Missional Initiatives

Missional Initiative grants are meant to encourage the development of healthy congregations by funding inventive, ministry activities strategically designed to turn the face of CBOQ churches towards their communities for the sake of Christ. There is a broad spectrum of mission activities that may be funded by these grants; ministry to children and youth, to seniors, to newcomers, to the marginalized, and to those who are closest to us who have been made the most distant from us by reasons of injustice. Missional Initiative grants are meant to be given to initiate or expand any sort of Christ centred ministry that would engage the church in the life of its community.

Church Transformation

Churches have life cycles. Mission focused churches are continually transforming themselves to align with God’s mission for who they are and how they serve. Church Transformation Grants are meant to provide funding for coaching and training for churches that are actively seeking transformation.

For more information please contact:
Walter McIntyre, Initiatives Associate, (416) 620-2932

Jamila Bello, Administrative Assistant, (416) 620-2933

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