The Impact of VBS

This summer, First Lobo Baptist Church and Campbellford Baptist Church showcased the profound impact of Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs across different communities.

First Lobo Baptist Church hosted three weeks of Day Camp, welcoming children from non-churched homes to experience the love of Jesus Christ, with 80% of the campers being from non-churched homes. With 100 children attending the Children’s Camp for kindergarten to Grade 5, and 82 teens participating in the Youth Camp for Grades 5-9, the church community truly reached out to its young members. The mornings were filled with engaging activities like singing, games, Bible stories centered around Daniel’s life, small group discussions, and fun electives. The afternoons were equally thrilling with activities such as bowling, swimming, and even a day at Wonderland in Toronto. The dedication of over 60 church members exemplified the community’s commitment to fostering faith in the younger generation. Furthermore, the success of the tailgate party and the commitment of children and teens to Jesus embodied the impact of VBS.

Campbellford Baptist Church hosted its annual community-wide Daily Vacation Bible Camp. With 54 children attending, this event marked a significant outreach to the community. Similar to the First Lobo Baptist Church’s Day Camp, 80% of the children who attended were unchurched. The camp’s inclusivity and collaboration with four other local churches underscored the power of unity. Reverend Nathan Denhoed, Associate Pastor, skillfully led the camp and, combined with the added efforts of 34 dedicated volunteers, ensured its resounding success. The impactful result was evident as 22 children prayed the salvation prayer by the end of the week, once again reflecting the transformative influence VBS can have on young lives.

These churches’ testimonials highlight the spirit of VBS in nurturing faith, fostering community engagement, and creating memorable experiences for children and teens. Their stories are representative of the commitment to spreading the message of Christ’s love as Canadian Baptists. Through initiatives such as VBS, Baptist congregations continue to make a positive impact in their communities.

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