Kuya Bob

By Rev. Johnny Dalisay, Community of Christ’s Disciples

I came to know the Lord when I was in my graduating year from High School. I had been attending regular Bible Studies led by volunteers and staff of Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) who were ministering on our campus. It was when I got to university and became an active member of a Baptist church just outside the campus that I really grew in my faith in the Lord. God used our pastor, Dr. Roberto Betia, Jr. or Kuya (term used to address an older brother) Bob, to help me grow in knowing and serving our Lord.  

When Kuya Bob learned that I had to paint our new washroom in our house, he volunteered to help me with the job. He came to our house and helped me the whole day to finish the job. While we were painting, he shared with me his vision to start new ministries in the church and his dream to have 12 leaders he could train to help lead these ministries. He challenged me to prayerfully consider leading the ministry among international students in the university. After much prayer, I accepted the challenge and became part of the 12 leaders he trained each week on how to become effective leaders.  

He became like an older brother to me and to the other leaders. He often invited us to have a meal in the church parsonage and he would prepare breakfast for us. Whenever I had a problem with our Volkswagen Beetle, I would bring the car to him and he would do all he could to repair it. I can still remember watching him sitting in front of the hood, checking all the wires. He also officiated my wedding, and even officiated my oldest son’s wedding, 30 years later! 

I learned so much about the Bible and how to be a good servant-leader because of all the things he taught me. I am forever grateful to our Father for using Kuya Bob to help me grow to become more like Christ.  

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