Kitchen Lady

By Rev. Sam Lee, Spring Garden Church

At every church I have attended, I have always been drawn to the “kitchen lady” or rather the person who ran the kitchen at church. I know that in this day and age, the term “kitchen lady” seems offensive and rude, but for me, the term is steeped in tenderness and endearing kindness. I was asked to write a short account about someone who has influenced my faith and I thought of these women of faith, first. Their quiet, humble, and generous acts of service have always provided a place of joy in the midst of church politics, splits, and strife. Most of the time these women go unnoticed and unnamed, yet they serve others by providing for the needs of the people around them. This to me, is Eucharistic.  

 I still remember Ms. Chang, who in my youth, looked after me, making sure that I had enough to eat. This was her way of saying “I notice you,” “I care for you,” and “You belong” during a difficult time when I was living on my own. She provided for me when I was in need and became for me an example of what Christian service truly looks like. There was beauty in the way she served. This is how I want to be as a Christian and a leader. So, to you Ms. Chang, Inga, Opal, and other unnamed kitchen ladies, I thank you for your influence on my life. You showed me what it means to be a servant of God by feeding my stomach, but more importantly, by feeding my soul.   

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