An excerpt from Missional Roots of the Chinese Church

By Rev. Paul Lam, published in the Canadian Baptist magazine, 2019 

“…BSBC [Beverley Street Baptist Church] welcomed new immigrants in the name of Jesus Christ. They also gave them the freedom to plant their own churches with little control. Something had to die in order for something to be born again. I am not sure what was going through BSBC’s heart and mind as they sold the building to TCBC [Toronto Chinese Baptist Church]. Were they celebrating? Were they lamenting? In my heart, I see them celebrating. BSBC had a tradition—a good one. They had been practicing a life of sacrificial love and community for a number of years. Giving up their church (building) to the Chinese church was a natural outpouring of their communal love and habits. I realize that the roots of the Chinese church came from a church that started to pay attention to their neighbourhood. Thousands of people were impacted because this church opened their hearts and their doors. We are excited to see what the Chinese church will do next with their passions, gifts, and resources.  

Who is God calling you to welcome in your community?” 

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Chinese Church Plant Timeline
Chinese Church Plant Timeline

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