Genuinely Humble

By Rev. Ada Yu, Bethanias Baptist Church 

Rev. Ada YuOn my spiritual journey I have met many believers. Many of them have impacted my faith. I am very grateful to have all these people who walked with me on my faith journey. One person who had a big impact on me was Josephine Tong. She helped me to build up my faith on solid ground.

Josephine Tong was not a pastor or a missionary, but she was a strong Christian. She had a big heart for the youth. She was very hospitable and made her home a safe place for young people to hang out. She always welcomed them with delicious food and a smile. Her home was a place for young people to share their difficulties and faith stories. We all called her Sister Tong as she took care of us like a big sister.

She was a low-key person but everything she did revealed her faith, hope and love. She was genuinely humble, passionate about the Gospel and was always ready to reach out to those in need. Her faith and action demonstrated what a true Christian should be. 

Sister Tong and I went to the same church. I was a young believer and was in a very difficult situation when I met her. I am very thankful that God sent her to me at that time. She gave me so much encouragement and help. And she taught me how to go through the toughest situations by sharing her own stories. Her story inspired me to trust the LORD under all circumstances. Through her I experienced God’s love and watchful care! She passed away last year, but her witnessing imprinted on my heart. I will always remember her! She was my role model. 

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