Surprise! [Appreciation for our Pastors]

We asked some church members and lay leaders to say a few words of gratitude about their pastors. Keeping it to just a few words was a challenge because of all the great things there are to say about these fine men and women. Let this condensed version inspire you to offer appreciation to your pastor this month or any time. 


Re: Pastor Henry Green 
From: Lana, Sandwich First Baptist Church 

It is with a grateful heart that I can say what a blessing it is to have Pastor Henry pastoring the Historic Sandwich First Baptist Church.  It was a while that we were without a Pastor and GOD blessed us with a Pastor that cares about his parishioners. Being the Clerk of the Church, we have established a wonderful relationship with each other. 

Re: Pastor Steve Olstead  
From: Percy, Kipling Baptist Church 

I have watched him tirelessly serve the people of our congregation, community, and Camp Norland. He has been a mentor to me in encouraging me to take on more leadership roles and responsibilities.  He is always there with an encouraging word to spur his congregants on to spiritual growth.  

Re: Pastor Gabriel Araba
From: Sandra, United Baptist Church 

We believe that God especially chose Pastor Gabriel Araba for us in answer to our prayers.  He and his wife, Teni, are hardworking, and thoughtful.  Through his teaching position at Sault College and the work of the Holy Spirit, many wonderful new people have joined our church family. 

 Re: Pastors Adam and Anna Kubias 
From: Ernie, Haileybury and District Baptist Church 

Adam and Anna are doing a great job.  Adam promised us that he would preach the bible and that is what he is doing. They believe in being a big part of the community.  They are doing an awesome job; we are blessed to have them. 

Re: Pastor Allan Heidman
From: Ken, Caledonia Baptist Church 

Pastor Allan Heidman is a man of God. He leads with a strong but quiet style that makes him a great pastor. The scriptures and their teachings are at the core of his life. 

Re: Pastor Cheryle Hanna 
From: Parker, Fourth Avenue Baptist Church 

Rev Dr. Hanna is open and transparent, this allows us to understand and trust her. She has character and integrity; knows and keeps our secrets! She inspires all to love Jesus through grace, and says that ‘Jesus loves us, and there is nothing we can do about it.’ 

Re: Pastor Ross Carkner 
From: Margie, Whitby Baptist Church 

Pastor Ross is a kind and compassionate man of God who is a strong servant leader of his people. His ability to preach the word of God in relevant and meaningful ways is appreciated. And his commitment to living out his faith in both challenging and joyous times is an example to all he serves. 

Re: Pastor Peter Panabaker
From: Kevin, Tower Street First Baptist Church 

If I had to pick just 2 things I appreciate about Pastor Peter, I would say he is down-to-earth and understanding. Obviously, I could say more! 

 Re: Pastor Merv Budd
From: Ancilla, North Burlington Baptist Church 

Merv is dedicated, passionate and caring. His Leadership is outstanding and inclusive.  

Re: Pastor Franklin Morgan 
From: Bruce, Ontario Street Baptist Church 

[We] are extremely thankful that we have Franklin Morgan as pastor of our church.  His thoughtfulness to us and his insightful messages (with frequent humour) on Sunday mornings are very welcome.  We hope he never retires!  

Re: Pastor Rod Gauthier
From: Ken and Dorothy, First Baptist Church Goderich 

Our prayers were truly answered when our Pastor Rod Gauthier and his family joined our family at Goderich First Baptist.  He has been a blessing for our town and surrounding communities.  [Ken]  

Pastor Rod has gone above and beyond in handling the extra services caused by the pandemic.  We are truly grateful. [Dorothy] 

Re: Pastor Audley Goulbourn 
From: Joy, Lisle Memorial Baptist Church 

Pastor Audley Goulbourne is a beacon of light to Lisle Memorial Baptist Church, encompassing the church’s motto “a passion for God and compassion for people.” He delights in working selflessly for and with the marginalized, especially those in the Jane/Finch community.  

Re: Pastor Bob Muir
From: Linda, Ohsweken Baptist Church 

Pastor Bob gives everyone a chance to give their input during Bible Study and as a result we have a lot of discussion and a lot of learning from each other taking place. He is easy to work with and very accommodating. We are blessed to have him as our Pastor. 

Re: Pastor Janet Kwok
From: Brian, East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church 

Pastor Janet Kwok is our youth pastor. She can be found troubleshooting issues for livestream broadcasts, making deliveries to the local food bank, or supervising interns helping with a clinic. It is for this kind of service which often goes unnoticed that I and so many others appreciate Pastor Janet. 

Thank you to all CBOQ pastors who serve and guide so faithfully! 

One thought on “Surprise! [Appreciation for our Pastors]”

  1. Re. Pastor Carl Walters
    From Joyce Goshen Baptist Church Tillsonburg Ont.
    Pastor Carl has done a great job during this pandemic getting our services on Facebook Utube even over the radio. I don’t know what we would have done without him. We are blessed to have him as our pastor.
    His churches motto is Growing deeper becoming stronger reaching further through Christ.

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