CBOQ Sunday: Time to Celebrate!

CBOQ Sunday Logo

Your church is part of an amazing family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom. Together we are sharing our common faith, caring for our leaders, growing and expanding our church family and building up the next generation of Canadian Baptists. We are helping our churches to connect with each other and work together for the glory of God.

Celebrate CBOQ Sunday on October 17th with resources from our website. Copies of the Canadian Baptist magazine are being delivered to your church for distribution. This year, it highlights stories about how we’ve worked together to build God’s kingdom even in the midst of a pandemic. 

 A family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom; that’s something to celebrate! 

We would love to see how your church family celebrates CBOQ Sunday. Send your photos and messages to Josh Del Rosario at jdelrosario@baptist.ca

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