New Pastors’ Orientation 2016: A Recap

By Brian Craig

Each year, one of the most significant events for me is our New Pastors’ Orientation.  It’s the one chance we have to spend a larger block of time with our ministry leaders, and get to know them on a deeper level, as well as to pour loads of information about CBOQ into their brains.  The feedback we get is that what might seem like force-feeding proves to be an enjoyable and important process.

One of the highlights for many is the opportunity we have for each participant to tell us a bit of their own story:  how they came to faith, how God is leading them, what brings them joy.  The varied stories, the diverse backgrounds, the rich journeys our pastors have – we are truly a blessed family in our pastoral leaders.  I recently heard someone say that “A storied soul is an expanding soul.”  Our souls expanded to hear how God is working in and among our pastoral leaders and churches.

One of our participants wrote this upon returning:

You have a great team there and that fact gave me and others a real sense of comfort and security knowing you’re all advocates for each one of us.  As I return to my church I have a greater sense of purpose and direction that I hope to us as a leader for my congregation and Boards.  Together ministry is better with a shared vision and a collective sense of purpose.  I hope to communicate that and exemplify that as I work to serve those to whom I have been called.

Another wrote:

We really and profoundly express our gratitude for the privilege given to us to attend and participate at the just concluded New Pastors Orientation of CBOQ. What a unique experience it was for us to sit through and receive those wonderful and precious presentations by the highly skillful and spirit- filled team led by you, and for all your care and love and encouragement.    No doubt, we have been enhanced, motivated and are quite ready to join God at work in our locale and even beyond through the CBOQ special ministries.

Thanks to all who participated, and thanks be to God for the storied, expanding community that is CBOQ.

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