Fort McMurray Relief

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Images of long queues of cars driving along highways lined with massive flames have dominated our media for the last two weeks. Quiet suburban neighbourhoods are left looking like the leftovers of a post-apocalyptic movie scene. Thousands of people have been displaced and left looking for shelter.

As fellow Canadian Baptists, we want to reach out with our sister denomination, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, and help those who have lost their homes and their sense of safety.

Here are a few options to give:

From the CBWC website earlier this week:

The CBWC is working with Canadian Baptist Ministries to provide immediate emergency relief and assistance on the ground in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Together, we are working with the Salvation Army, the local Fellowship Baptist Church in Fort McMurray, and others supporting evacuees.

The unpredictability of the wildfires that began this past Tuesday have led the province of Alberta to call a state of emergency, and all of its 80,000 residents have been forced to flee with the fires having burned through about 85,000 hectares of land already. Mass convoys and airlifts are now getting thousands of evacuees to safety further south.

We continue to pray for the safety of all those impacted by the fire, who have lost their lands, homes and communities, as well as for all the emergency personnel on the ground, including the fire crews, military, RCMP officers, EMS workers, and all those who are working tirelessly to control the fires and keep residents safe.

Make a donation to the Fort McMurray relief effort in Alberta today. Your donations will automatically be designated to help people in need during this crisis. We thank you for your crucial support in caring for those in need in times of emergency.

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