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Logos Bible SoftwareInevitably, any pastor who enters into my small study at Cheltenham Baptist Church will ask me “where are all your commentaries?” I am always pleased to introduce them to Logos Bible Software. Ten years ago during seminary I started building my High Tech Library and it has been a very worthwhile investment. I don’t go through the physical challenge every week of trying to remember where I read something, pulling books off the shelf, flipping pages only to once again prove that I have a poor memory. I simply type in a topic or Bible passage and 20 seconds later my entire library has been searched and opened to the topic or passage of my choosing. Commentaries are in one section; fifteen Bible versions are in another; there are text comparisons; cross references; word studies in English, Greek and Hebrew; Biblical outlines; information about Biblical people, places, events, topics, illustrations and etc. The list goes on and on.

Also, every Scripture reference links to my preferred Bible; dates link to timelines; and, I can read my books anywhere on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. Pastor and author John Piper states: “It is inevitable that Pastors in the years to come will collect electronic books, at least alongside of if not instead of paper books.” For me this is very much the case. I carry my entire library in my pocket! I bring it to the coffee shop or even to the cottage. The best part is that the books are less expensive, save trees and, when I buy a book once it is available on my church and home computer, my tablet and my smartphone.

Logos Bible Software has been in business for over 20 years and has a mission to serve the church. They believe that Bible Study should be at the heart of the Christian Life. Whether or not you are a pastor I would encourage you to take a look at building a High Tech Library, if only to save your back next time you move!

Article by: Wayne Melnechuk

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