Fiona Kwok headed to Thailand

Conrad and Fiona KwokFiona Kwok, CBOQ’s long-serving Office Manager, has recently been appointed as Global Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) together with her husband Conrad.  The Kwoks have been appointed to serve alongside CBM’s Chinese Ministries team in the areas of leadership formation and community development.

They will be based in Northern Thailand, where they have a long-standing collaboration with Bethel Bible Institute (BBI), and focus on working with young Chinese church leaders, primarily from mainland China, but also northern Thailand and Burma. Conrad will principally work through theological education, teaching, and mentoring students and young leaders. Fiona will serve in various roles, also teaching at BBI, helping with translation of integral mission resources into Chinese, and community development through various indigenous programs. The Kwoks will also serve in an itinerant capacity in other parts of Asia.

Prior to their departure for Asia in the summer of 2013, Conrad and Fiona will liaise with Chinese Baptist churches and promote CBM’s global mission strategy while raising their required team support.

Conrad has been the Mandarin pastor at Brampton Chinese Baptist Church since 2004 and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese as well as English. In the past four years, Conrad led the work to plant two churches, one in Milton and one in Burlington. He is a well known and highly respected leader in Chinese church life in Canada and serves on the Executive Council of the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship.  Fiona has worked with CBOQ since 2000; she also speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

For the past six years, Conrad, and more recently Fiona, have worked with a unique and needy people group from China and the Golden Triangle (Burma, Thailand, and Laos), an area known as the heroin production and consumption capital of the world.

Conrad and Fiona have two adult children.

For more information, contact or 905.821.3533.


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