In Person Locations

Westview Baptist Church, London

Spring Garden Church, Toronto

Montreal City West Baptist Church, Montreal

Hope Community Church, Cumberland Beach

Centennial Park Baptist Church, Grimsby

There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided at the in-person locations.

Reignite 2023

Thursday, September 28, from 9:45 am to 3:15 pm, in-person and virtually.

“God at Work: Interpreting God’s Movement in your Church and Neighbourhood” with Jared Siebert, Church planter and New Leaf missional leader, and Sarah Han, Assistant Professor Pastoral Ministry, leader in practical contextual theology.

How do we interpret God’s movement in our churches and neighbourhood? This is the question we will be exploring at Reignite 2023.

At Reignite 2022, we were introduced to the secular world in which we live. We were confronted with some of the reasons why the church has lost its appeal for many. Yet, we know that God is still at work in our world. The question is, how do we discern His actions? This is the theme of Reignite 2023 – “God at Work: Interpreting God’s Movement in your Church and Neighbourhood.” Join us as we explore together how we can join God in the work that He is doing in the world.

Jared Siebert, a New Leaf Missional Network founder and church planter, will begin the exploration by helping us examine the place where we are now and then discern where God may be asking us to go.

Jared's Bio

Jared serves in many capacities in the Canadian Church.  He founded an organization of missionary church leaders called the New Leaf Network and is one of Canada’s leading inter-denominational church planter trainers.  But church planting isn’t the only kind of experience he has garnered.  In his ministry roles Jared has had the opportunity to work with churches of all kinds from all over Canada.  He has acted as a consultant in churches large and small, urban and rural, and new and long established.  He has written a discipleship curriculum, a handbook on church planter training, and a Church Health workbook called the LifePlan.  As a sought after speaker and consultant Jared is uniquely able to draw insight and inspiration from a variety of sources and bring that to the table as he helps churches move toward unity and the mission of God.

Sarah Han, an assistant professor of practical ministry at Tyndale and leading voice in practical contextual theology, will help us reflect on what God’s invitation to us is, as ministry leaders. In other words, could it be that God is calling us to shift our leadership and the direction we are leading God’s people?

Sarah's Bio

Dr. Sarah Han is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Tyndale and brings practical ministry experience as an ordained minister and theological expertise as an academic. Dr. Han considers herself to be “third culture” Canadian-Korean-Chinese and her formative theology was shaped on the mission field abroad. She has provided leadership in the Canadian immigrant church context for over a decade and has diverse experience in the Canadian public and private sectors. Dr. Han’s vocational commitment and theological passion are to critically observe and reflect on how ecclesiology shapes and informs missiology and her research focuses on an intercultural, intergenerational, missional ecclesiology for Canada.

Reignite is meant to be an event to stimulate our imagination and allow God’s Spirit guide us in visioning the future for our churches and ministry.

There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided at the in-person locations. However, registration is required.

What is Reignite?

Reignite is a conference (in-person and virtual) for ministry and church leaders sponsored by the Church Life and Leadership Team. The goal is to stimulate missional and theological thinking about issues that affect ministry and our world.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for and open to all ministry leaders: senior, associate, bi-vocational and chaplains.

Bi-vocational Pastors

We believe it’s important for you to participate in Reignite this year. If you need to take time off from work in order to participate you can apply for a subsidy to help cover lost wages.

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