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We are very excited that you are exploring the area of church planting with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. We believe we are invited to join in what God is already doing in the neighbourhoods and communities of Ontario and Quebec. Here you will find some direction to church planters and churches exploring church planting.

There are four seasons that we want to identify and pay attention to throughout the planting process:

  • Season of exploring
    What Church Planting with the CBOQ could look like
  • Season of discerning
    If a church and planter (team) is ready & equipped to plant
  • Season of developing
    The tools & expertise to plant
  • Season of implementing
    Strategic directions & operationalizing ideas

We recognize that church planting is a wonderful intersection between the calling of individuals and the needs of people.  It is an intersection of developing a vision with the realities of challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, church planting is an intersection between God’s invitation of new life and mission lived out in the lives of people.





For more information on church planting with CBOQ, contact Cid Latty, Congregational Development Associate.





Live for More

Communities across Canada need people who will live generously, love Jesus and know how to share the good news. We need missional churches that will innovatively invest in neighbourhoods reaching all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. We need churches like yours who will start new communities of faith that live for more of God’s kingdom.
This day is for you:
  • If your church is interested in exploring church planting.
  • If you want to know the next steps in planting a church.
  • If you are a Pastor, board member or sense a call to church planting.If you would like to build a practical theology of church planting.
Join us at Multiply Your Church to explore what it would mean for your church to start a new missional small group or plant a new church. Seminars include:
  • Why plant churches now?
  • How to communicate a church planting vision
  • Building capacity for your church to plant a church
  • How to start a missional initiative
  • Stories from church planters
3 October 2019 
9:30am – 3:00pm (Lunch included)
Heart Lake Baptist Church
10245 Kennedy Rd. N
Brampton, ON

Church Planting Canada Congress

This is an invitation to church planters and denominational leaders from over 40 networks around Canada, to gather and celebrate what God is doing across our nation. This year, we meet for the 3rd and final time in Montreal, Quebec from 22-24 October 2019.

Registration includes access to all main sessions and seminars. Please see for a full list of conference speakers and event details.

If you are  interested in attending, please contact Cid Latty, Congregational Development Associate


It’s no surprise that the Canadian religious landscape is changing. The latest statistics from multiple sources are telling us of the increase in the number of “nones” and “dones” in Canada. What does this mean?

More for Church Planters

What is cafechurch? It’s church, but not as you know it.

cafechurch is coffee with a conscience. It’s the fresh expression of community in coffee shops or your own venue dealing with issues from a faith perspective.

At cafechurch you’ll tackle issues such as fair trade, the environment, stress, adoption, parenting, debt and divorce, together with quizzes, interviews, round table discussions, live music, great coffee and great conversations!

Find a welcome for everyone—whether a church-goer or not!

The New Leaf Network is a partnership of a number of Canadian denominations, who work together to equip, encourage and resource church planters, or those considering planting, here in Canada. We offer Canadian specific teaching and mentorship through our Church Plant Design Shops and offer events throughout the year to cultivate relationships and connections with other planters across Canada.

Church Planting Canada was initiated in 1997 in Bramalea, Ontario and has developed into a broad network of Canadian leaders who work together for the multiplication of churches across Canada. The movement believes that the best way to do this is to focus on the missional nature of the churches that are being planted in order to engage in the transformation of neighbourhoods with the love of Christ.

To continue the discussion in your context, contact CBOQ: Dallas Friesen (416-620-2958)

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