Appreciating your Pastor

By Marc Potvin

October is the month to let pastors know how much they are appreciated. Below are some of the easy suggestions on how to appreciate your pastor.

  • Designate one Sunday in October make that Sunday service one of thanksgiving to God for your pastor. Cheer up the congregation by assigning them to have a song sung to reflect this as a tribute to your pastor. The introduction could be an essential part of the occasion, including someone from your board to say a few words in thanksgiving for your pastor’s ministry.
  • Give your pastor different types of gifts, such as a restaurant gift card. Gift giving creates a memorable occasion for your pastor.
  • Organize with your board to take the pastor and family out for lunch after the service. Sharing a meal and showing hospitality can be a happy moment for the pastor’s entire family.
  • Designate a Saturday as pastor care day. Offer childcare for the day so the pastor can go on a date with their spouse. Being October, plan for a clean-up day; if there are leaves to rake or gardens to take down, show up to help with the cleaning.
  • Give your pastor tickets for a game, show or movie for a recreational outing.
  • Update the office by supplying a new plant, new bookends, a new coating of paint.

Say thank you to the pastor for the service the pastor offers. Above all, pray for your pastor.


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