Prayer for Ukraine and Russia

Holy God, you are our Fortress, our refuge in times of trouble. You are our strength, peace, and sustainer. You are just, all knowing, and all powerful. 

Your love reaches all corners of the earth. It fills the heavens. 

In these days of turmoil, of wars and rumours of wars, our hearts are steadfast. Our eyes are upon you. We trust in you, relying on your wisdom, delighting in your presence as we seek to make sense of what is happening in Ukraine. 

In so many ways, we feel helpless, seeing images of destruction, fear, and loss of life. Yet, we are not helpless for we can turn to you and pray. 

We pray for the people of Ukraine, especially the thousands of people who have been displaced from their home, many leaving father, husbands, sons, and friends behind. Protect them and give them stamina and courage on their journey for shelter. In their grief and anxiety, comfort them.  

We pray for those who had sought refuge in Ukraine from other places of conflict and now must flee again. May they find care and shelter and find you in the process.  

We pray for Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and European believers who work with their churches to provide hospitality to those who are displaced. Give them confidence in their ministry and continue to supply them with the necessities of life through your church worldwide. 

We pray for the Russian population who are now greatly affected by all the sanction imposed on their rulers. Allow and protect believers in that land to share the gospel of peace and hope with them. 

We pray, plead with you, to cease this invasion, to bring back peace to that region so that people will no longer suffer unjustly. Compel weapons to be laid down, for neighbours to respect and care for each other.  

Let you glory be over all the earth now, and forever, O God we ask in Christ Jesus our Saviour. Amen.

For ways you can help through prayer or giving, see these resources.

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