We Are Still Here [Summer Outreach]

This summer, a couple of women from Burgessville Baptist Church decided they wanted to do more to let people know that their church is still there and ready to welcome people. Thanks to Kathy’s good idea of handing out bubbles at the local splash pad, Tammy, Kathy, Terry, Pastor Craig, and Anne with Hersey the service dog, spent 4 Mondays talking to children and parents about Jesus. Each Sunday the group packed bags with bubbles, a drink, colouring pages, and crayons donated by Staples. On Monday, they took the 25 bags and headed out to where they knew they could find families on a hot summer day. The local splash pad. 

Pastor Craig offered to pray with anyone who wished. The women gave kids the treat bags and asked if they know anything about Jesus. Some children didn’t know anything about Jesus, and others knew a lot. Many children had questions that the group were delighted to answer. Kathy said, “I was so inspired by the welcome we received from the community.” Some church members supported this outreach by bringing their grandchildren to the splash pad for fun and a chat about who Jesus is. 

Kathy was asked why they did this, and she replied “…for giving knowledge that our church is open for all people. We are trying to reignite something in people. We need to be visible.” Both Tammy and Kathy described how much fun it was to engage with their community on behalf of their church, in the name of Jesus. They were encouraged by the positive reactions, and they are sure they can see God at work. “Bubbles at the splash pad was so much fun!” 

Kathy is now bringing her own grandchildren to church and hopes more will do the same. She believes God is not done growing this church. Her heart is thrilled with the enthusiastic response from the children and prays for even more to join them soon.  

 Are you thinking this is all well and good for a church with workers and resources, but it couldn’t work at your church? Burgessville Baptist Church has approximately 15 older adults that attend regularly. Not everyone is able to share in this work. Blowing bubbles in the park this Summer was fun, but it doesn’t stop there. They have planned a take-out meal of pulled pork on a bun for September.  

“I am praying this church is filled again and we are all singing God’s praises. I hope we will have the resources to meet the needs of all the age groups.” That is Tammy’s hope for her church. 

I hope you will be inspired by the spontaneous outreach from Burgessville Baptist Church to consider, “What can I do to let my community know: ‘We are still here!’?” 

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