Be the Light

By Alvin Lau
CBOQ Youth Ministries Associate

Over the last 18 years, I’ve had the honour of leading our Centre Court event, a youth outreach event with the Toronto Raptors (the last one occurring last Sunday). CBOQ has hosted this event since 1997. In that time, we’ve had plenty of positive feedback from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). Here are some examples that come to my mind. 

Chad is our group sales representative for the last three years. Whenever we’ve done our pre-event briefings, he includes a representative from VIP care or event operations. After he introduces us, he always shares, “This is one of the best run events we host; you should have no problem with it.” After each event, invited staff affirm his remarks. 

Recently, when we’ve arrived at courtside to prepare for our event, one of the security managers, Glen, has greeted us warmly. Last time, he said, “I saw the jerseys and am glad to see you here.” We’re seen in a positive light with the security team. 

A few years ago, a former group sales manager told me this story. At an NBA group sales conference, one of their table discussions had them share their best group sales experience. He brought out our file to highlight with his table. 

The strength of this relationship is not solely dependent on me. From Matt Wilkinson to Herbie Kuhn (our MC and the voice of the Raptors) to past event leaders like Dan Malcolm and Matt Hayden, and dozens of volunteer staff over the years, together we have demonstrated Christ and MLSE is positively influenced by Him. MLSE continues to let us host Centre Court and to clearly share Jesus, his impact in many lives and to catalyze faith conversations. 

As you approach this Christmas season, whether as a church group, as a family or individually, be that light that represents Christ well with whatever business/organization you engage with. 

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