Fire on the Farm

Summer is usually a time for things to slow down a little, for some rest and relaxation. But this has not been true for Nelson and Andrea Chang who are pastoring Scotland Baptist Church. Every summer, hundreds of migrant workers arrive to work the farms in the surrounding area. For a number of years now, Scotland Baptist, Cristo Para Todos (Cambridge) and Queensway (Brantford) have been providing a meal, friendship and fellowship to the Mexican migrants.

Now this ministry is expanding to include 32 Caribbean migrants whose bunk burned down at Chary Farm, a few kilometres up the road from Scotland Baptist. While mercifully no one was hurt, much was lost.

“With the help of some of our congregants, we set up drop off stations for people in our village who wanted to help,” says Andrea, co-pastor at Scotland Baptist Church. “We also coordinated times when the Chary Farm owners would be available to meet us on the farm so we could give them the donated items and money directly and to find out what their specific needs are. The men are doing well. They are saddened by their losses but recognize they only lost material possessions which can be replaced.  They still have their lives, the ability to work until October and regain what was lost. The owners are working closely with the Jamaican consulate to help the men get their ID’s, passports and Visas replaced. All of the 32 men who were displaced have been found temporary housing and they are all working again and earning money. The owners have been very good to the men, before and after the fire, providing mostly everything for the men but the men are responsible for making their own meals and getting to the stores to buy personal items.”

If you would like to help, you can do so in several ways:

  • Pray for Nelson, Andrea, Pastor Valle and the others who are serving this migrant community
  • Consider sending small teams of men to visit with the workers offering encouragement and prayer
  • Community outpouring has been generous but a few donations are still needed:
    • Luggage
    • Bikes (must be in working order)

To help, please contact Nelson and Andrea at



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