Transforming Leaders

a.    Accreditation and Ministry Standards
i.    Necessary Forms and Documents
ii.    Discipline Protocol
iii.    Statement of Ethical Pastoral Conduct
iv.    Ministry Information Profile
v.    Supervision process and Supervisor’s Manual
b.    Place and Current Ministry Openings
i.    Considering ministry with CBOQ
ii.    New to Ministry with CBOQ
iii.    Ministry Placement checklist and Manual
iv.    Ministry Openings
v.    Ministry Information Profile link (same as above)
c.    Leadership Resources and Events
i.    Leadership Development Team (Brian and Elaine)
ii.    Human Resources for pastors
1.    Benefits
iii.    Events
1.    NPO,
2.    Reignite
3.    Other
iv.    Publications
v.    Personal Growth Plan
vi.    Theological Education partners
vii.   Personal and Professional Development options

Leadership & Pastoral Training Program

An educational training initiative that encourages the growth and development of lay people, especially in small church settings (formerly Lay Pastors Training Program)