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Walking Together in a Good Way

As we continue to plan our Indigenous Learning Event, Walking Together in a Good Way, to be held September 23-25, 2022, at Westview Baptist Church in London, reports continue to come in about the now over 6,500 unmarked graves of children who died in Residential School. September 30 has been designated as a Federal Holiday (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation) yet some provinces have refused to recognize it. The bulk of the 94 Calls to Action listed in the Truth and Reconciliation Report have seen no significant action.

For reconciliation to take place, action not words, is required. Until we know, understand and accept the truth about what happened historically and why, reconciliation cannot begin. Everyone has a responsibility to learn what the government and the church did to Indigenous people, the ongoing effects of that history on them, their communities and their culture today, and where that treatment continues (e.g. undrinkable water, lack of housing, continued theft of children, purposely inadequate healthcare and education, etc.). Every individual can do something (e.g. write to their government representatives and insist the government keep its promises toward Indigenous people, not be complicit in supporting lies and stereotypes, walk with Indigenous people and groups who are trying to have the truth heard, refuse to participate in or agree with systemic racism wherever it occurs).

This event brings together Indigenous knowledge keepers, elders, cultural leaders, historians, healers, and others who are generously and graciously willing to give of their time to help us learn what we need to know. These are people from our local southwestern Ontario Indigenous communities who are very well qualified to speak to us and help us appreciate both the historical and present-day effects of the way Indigenous people have been treated. There will be at least 15 Indigenous presenters for this event so attenders will have the opportunity to learn a great deal, get to know our neighbours, and be able to participate in real reconciliation going forward.

This is a unique opportunity, and we really encourage you to take advantage of it and plan to attend. Followers of Jesus need to be involved in making this better! Come and learn!

Registration open July 19 at Any questions please contact 519-681-9844.