Church Development

Churches are engaged in the full cycle of life. From discovering your church’s vision, to mentoring the next generation, to building your church’s stewardship culture, CBOQ has resources to help your church thrive.

Living Generously

What does it mean to live a generous life? How can we encourage our fellow Canadian Baptists and ourselves to live more generously? Beyond tithing our 10%, true generosity leads us to give our time, talent and treasure in the service of Jesus. We encourage you to use this new resource to help your congregation understand and practice generosity in your church.


Discovering your Church’s Calling

Who are we and where are we going?

Knowing who you are can help your church determine its calling. Through our Thrive resource, church’s are invited on a journey to discover more about their identity and calling in their local context.

Next Generation Ministries

Next Generation leaders are charged with caring for the youngest members of our family of churches. Whether you are caring for toddlers or teenagers, we are dedicated to equipping  you to respond to the changing reality of church in engaging children, youth, young adults and families inside and outside of the church.

More Next Generation Ministries

Visit our Next Generation Ministries websites for more resources, events, training opportunities and more!

Church Boards

Boards are charged with directing, protecting and reflecting on their churches. Discerning how best to flourish in God's call in your congregation can be intimidating. Developing healthy boards can significantly impact the well-being of a congregation, allowing them to focus their ministry, care for their pastors and staff and serve their communities.

If you are looking for information on resources on salary recommendations, HR guidelines and other church management related resources, please go to Church Operations.