Mission Shaped Living

We have prepared a new resource, Mission Shaped Living, designed to help you start thinking about missional living in your neighbourhood.

Churches send missionaries to distant lands and distinct cultures. We send resources, we send our children, and upward we send our prayers. We do not have to go ourselves.

Yet if we do not ‘go’ to nearer neighbours and hide in our buildings behind programs on our own turf, our churches will die. We must bear Gospel witness as we go into our communities, our world, each day.

To discern what God is doing in our neighbourhood, we must join him there for God has called us together for His purposes and for the sake of our world.

Mission Shaped Living is designed as a simple resource you can use individually and as a group to stimulate the discussion around what it means to be missional in our neighbourhoods. Our prayer is that it will give you confidence and encouragement as you step out in faith.

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To order hard copies, contact R.E.A.D ON Books, 416-620-2934

To accompany Mission Shaped Living, a study guide is available designed to be used individually or as a group. Each study guide session has a number of questions and discussion starters that will challenge you to think about the material in each chapter. These questions can also be used to structure the time you spend meeting as a group.  If you are using the material as a group, don’t feel any pressure to know the ‘right’ answer. Every setting is different, so the answer in your context may be quite different than for another.

If you have questions along the way, please contact Laurie Barber, 416-620-2958 or Carol Gouveia, 416-620-2949.