Adapted from the Ministry Placement Manual

☐ Prayerfully ask God to guide you through the process of ministry placement

While human resource tools and knowledge are helpful for anyone involved in a “job search”, ministry placement is also a process that is guided by the direct involvement of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, step one in any ministry placement journey is to seek God’s guidance and involvement.

☐ Download the Ministry Information Profile (MIP)

The MIP is a specialized resume document suggested by CBOQ as a way to provide standardized information to our churches, for our web listing and for our own ministry records. The MIP is a document that continues to evolve as churches and ministry personnel bring to our attention necessary information, legal implications and helpful resources that would enhance the MIP form. Download the MIP for Word             Download the MIP for Pages

☐ Complete the MIP and submit a copy to CBOQ

All accredited pastors of CBOQ, or of a BWA (Baptist World Alliance) Convention can request that their resume be posted on CBOQ’s password protected resume list. This list is accessible only by Pastoral Search Committees seeking ministry personnel. They are clearly instructed to honour and preserve the confidentiality of these resumes, and are given access to this list only to assist their present search process. To post your completed MIP, contact the CBOQ Church Life and Leadership Team.

☐ Peruse the careers section on our website

The jobs section of our website has been developed to allow the local churches and ministries associated with CBOQ to post an effective, informative ministry opening for perusal by those who visit our website. There has been concern by some that this list of openings is available for the “whole world to see” rather than just those who are accredited by CBOQ. This decision has been made in tandem with a commitment by the staff of CBOQ to carefully advise Pastoral Search Committees in their selection process. We believe churches and those seeking ministry placement are all better served by an open placement process.

☐ Contact the CBOQ Church Life and Leadership Team

The Pastoral Leaders Development Associate, Marc Potvin, is committed to supporting, encouraging and resourcing those who desire to be placed as ministry personnel within CBOQ churches or ministries. This support comes in the context of coaching and training. The Pastoral Leaders Development Associate will walk with a potential candidate to help him/her to understand the placement process, and to provide resources for the individual to best present themselves, and understand their best environments for their personality, giftedness and passion. Coaching can include a single phone call, or ongoing support and encouragement to ministry personnel seeking placement. He can also answer questions about specific ministry openings or refer you to those who can provide that input. Contact Marc at or 416-620-2939

☐ Conduct further research regarding specific ministry placement openings

The Pastoral Leaders Development Associate is only one resource in the process of learning about local churches and ministries. Today, most of our churches have websites. Websites, networking and seeking information directly from the church or ministry are all helpful steps in gaining greater understanding of seeking ministries. Find church websites through our interactive map.

☐ Forward a Ministry Information Profile to appropriate local Baptist ministries seeking personnel

While CBOQ may at times recommend a person to a church, or a church to a person, the process is intentionally open to allow equity for all who desire prayerfully to  submit their name for consideration. It is also only a “recommendation” as the responsibility and privilege remains with both the local church and the individual submitting their name for consideration. It is our recommendation that individuals seeking placement research openings carefully, and then selectively and prayerfully submit an MIP with a “ministry specific” cover letter that clearly introduces the individual to the seeking ministry. It is not helpful to send a “to whom it may concern” cover letter and resume to every potential opening.

☐ Utilize the Pastoral Placement Manual and keep in regular contact

The Pastoral Placement Manual is a far more specific and useful tool for the person seeking placement in a CBOQ-associated church. Along with this resource, we heartily encourage a candidate to stay in regular contact with the Pastoral Leaders Development Associate and any other person who can effectively network, support or encourage a person seeking placement.

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