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Paying Attention to Loss
We have all experienced loss! From death of a loved one, to divorce, to death of a pet, to any life transition you have experienced. During Covid, our losses have been significant as we have also lost connection and gatherings. What we think about loss and grief will determine how we grieve and how we support others in grief. Pete Scazzero, in his book Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, identifies “paying attention” as the first step to finding healing. We will learn about this first step at this webinar.
Grief and loss will always inform your life, but can also transform your life.
This will be expertly facilitated by Marian Boyd, a grief counsellour, psychotherapist, and co-author of a series of books on the journey of grief, Remember It Is Ok. Hosted by Karen Heppner of the CBOQ Discipleship Culture team.
Cost: $10 / participant