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Book Club: The Pastor in a Secular Age

May 4 | 11 | 18 | 25 at 1pm

Next Fall, we will be hosting Reignite pastor’s conference virtually. Andrew Root, the author of several books on pastors, discipleship, youth ministry, church, and culture will be our guest speaker.  In preparation, we would like to invite you to join a four-week book club to unpack and reflect on the themes and implications of Root’s ground-breaking book ‘The Pastor in a Secular Age.

In The Pastor in a Secular Age, Root explores how the secular age has impacted the identity and practice of the pastor, obscuring his or her core vocation: to call and assist others into the experience of ministry. Using examples of pastors throughout history–from Augustine and Jonathan Edwards to Martin Luther King Jr. and Nadia Bolz-Weber–Root shows how pastors have both perpetuated and responded to the secular age. Root turns to Old Testament texts and to the theology of Robert Jenson to explain how pastors can regain the important role of attending to people’s experiences of divine action, offering a new vision for pastoral ministry today.

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