New to CBOQ Pastors’ Orientation (NCPO) is a two-part orientation for new and new-to-CBOQ pastors. The first part is given through a virtual learning platform that allows pastors to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their ministry settings. The second part is a two day, in-person retreat. 

NCPO Part 1 consists of eight learning modules offering a comprehensive introduction to Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and its associated ministries.  

Part 2 features the staff of the Church Life and Leadership Team and other guest speakers for in-person worship, learning, and time for connecting, solitude, reflection, and prayer. Spouses are welcome to attend Part 2.  

The goal of NCPO is for ministry leaders new to CBOQ to have ample opportunity to learn how CBOQ and its partners can resource, encourage, and enhance their ministry effectiveness at the local level. The mix of seasoned pastors and those new to pastoral ministry is invaluable for learning and sharing ideas.  

The orientation is a mandatory part of ourCBOQ pastors’ accreditation process. As such, it is a required step toward ordination through a CBOQ congregation. More importantly, it is a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with colleagues in our family of churches. 

Please note 2019 was the last time NCPO included the seminar “History and Overview of Baptist Distinctives.” Candidates for CBOQ accreditation are required to take the “Baptist History and Thought” course at McMaster Divinity College.

“The highlight for me was the love and care in ensuring proper preparation and offering support through this induction program where new pastors will one day become part of the larger family of CBOQ Churches. Both parts of the  program are very rich in content allowing us to get into this induction process with confidence and a sense of belonging. The CLL team showed the love of God which dwells in their hearts. Their own testimonies and passion to serve the Lord was an encouragement. Another big blessing was to share with other pastors from different backgrounds and have fellowship in different activities.”

For more information about the New to CBOQ Pastors’ Orientation, please contact Jenya Bakai.

Upcoming Dates: April 22-24 | October 21-23, 2024

NCPO begins with lunch on Monday and finishes with lunch on Wednesday. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend with you.

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