New to CBOQ Pastors’ Orientation (NCPO) is a retreat-style orientation for new and new-to-CBOQ pastors, which takes place over three days. Offering a comprehensive introduction to Canadian Baptist polity, NCPO features guest speakers, worship and information sessions as well as time to connect and time for solitude, reflection and prayer. Spouses are welcome to attend. 

The ultimate goal of NCPO is for ministry leaders new to CBOQ and their spouses to have ample opportunity to learn about what CBOQ and our partners offer through meeting the staff and their partners. It is also designed for participants to find encouragement and information meant to increase one’s effectiveness in one’s ministries though interacting with one another. The mix of seasoned pastors and new to pastoral ministry is invaluable for learning and sharing ideas. 

The orientation is a mandatory part of our CBOQ pastors’ accreditation process.  As such, it is a required step toward ordination through a CBOQ congregation. More importantly, it is a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with colleagues in our family of churches. 

Please note 2019 was the last time NCPO included the seminar “History and Overview of Baptist Distinctives.” Candidates for CBOQ accreditation are required to take the “Baptist History and Thought” course at McMaster Divinity College.

“Attending NCPO was a bit daunting at first: I was a country mouse meeting with a pack of educated city mice. But getting to know the other participants through the small group exercises helped me to feel like I am part of a larger, supportive community. I was also pleasantly surprised that it was not just a work event but a time when we could draw close to God. The communion service with Brian Craig was likely one of the most touching I’d ever attended. NCPO will definitely go down as one of the highlights of my year.” – Kathy Brown, First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg


Fairhavens Retreat Centre • Beaverton, Ontario • 800-430-5059
Google Maps: Use the name “Fair Havens Bible Conference”
GPS Coordinates: (44.510294, -79.0945678)

For further directions see Fairhavens Retreat Centre website

For more information about the New to CBOQ Pastors’ Orientation, please contact Jamila Bello.

Sample Schedule

Time Session
11:00 am Check in at Webb Lounge | Homework Submission
12:00 pm Lunch at Riverside Inn Restaurant
1:00 pm Gathering and Welcome
1:45 pm CBOQ Vision
2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm Introduction to Church Life and Leadership Department
Pastoral Ethics
3:45 pm Worship
5:00 pm Dinner at Riverside Inn Restaurant
6:30 pm Introduction to Core Competencies
6:45 pm Where am I From?
7:45 pm Break
8:00 pm Telling My Story
Time Session
8:00 am Breakfast at Riverside Inn Restaurant
9:00 am Coaching and Prayer
10:30 am Break
11:00 am Knowing My Surroundings
12:15 pm Lunch at Riverside Inn Restaurant
1:15 pm The Shape of Ministry to the Next Generation
2:00 pm Sound Church Policies
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Finance and Pension Benefits, Budgets and My Future
4:00 pm Worship
5:00 pm Dinner at Riverside Inn
6:30 pm A Follower Before a Leader
7:15 pm Thoughts on Being a Pastor-Panel
8:15 pm Worship
Time Session
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Coaching and Prayer
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Personal Growth Plan
11:00 am Getting Missional: How CBM can help
12:15 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Being a Pastor in a Me-Too Generation-CBWOQ
2:00 pm Accreditation: What is Next?
2:45 pm Worship and Communion
3:30 pm Departure

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