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April: Healthy Boundaries

Now more than ever we need to be concerned for the longevity of our ministries.  How can we have good boundaries today and what can we learn from those who have not had healthy boundaries?

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January: Redefining the Church

Why does this moment call for a reshaping of the church and how can we embrace the opportunities before us?

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October: Revitalization

What does it take to revitalize a church and what are the biggest hurdles standing in the way of the church right now?

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March: Effective Communication

How do we know when effective communication has taken place? How can we best get our message across? What kinds of tools are available to help us?

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December: Self-Care Essentials

How do pastors and leaders practice self-care when there are so many demands?

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September: Is it Time to

What do churches and leaders need to consider as they discern the how and when of re-opening?

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February: Evangelism Today

What do we need to embrace and
what do we need to avoid now?

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Discussion Guide for small groups

November: Leadership

How do you lead when you don’t know what’s coming next?

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