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October 13 | November 10 | December 8 at 10:00am

Mission: looking on the horizon

Mission has been a hot topic for many years in the church particularly around the subject of secularity, post Christendom, ‘None & Dones’ and now with what Christianity Today called ‘the rise of the Umms’. What is important as we approach mission in this context? What key elements has the church often missed when thinking about mission? What can mitigate against discouragement as we seek to engage in this environment? What should be the posture of our mission?

Join us for these exciting discussions at CBOQ Now and get ready to hear voices from within our Baptist family and beyond.

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September: Why am I going back to church?

As churches get back into the flow of meeting in person again, what are the essentials about our gatherings that we best not forget. Why do we meet? Is there something that belonging enables us to become more like Christ? Where does mission fit into our ethos and practice as we gather? What is the Holy Spirit seeking to do among us? Discussion questions here

February: Decolonizing Evangelism

The ethos, and delivery of ministry and evangelism can unwittingly be characterized by unhelpful approaches. What are the key elements to consider when seeking to connect with our communities today? What shifts will we need to make to overcome a malaise in evangelism? How important is it for us to understand and adapt to cultural differences? Video here.

April: Reconciliation

Given the diverse views in our churches and even more so because of the pandemic how can our churches be equipped to mend bridges? What can we learn from our global Baptist family about how reconciliation works? What is the scale of our need across the Canadian landscape for reconciliation?

January: Listening and Learning

Never has listening been such an important practice particularly as we consider indigenous issues. For us to redress the legacy with action, listening must proceed all we do. Considering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report and the ’94 Calls To Action’ we all have an opportunity to listen and learn together. As we do this what are we to understand, and how might we respond? Video here.

March: Dreams as Mission

In many Muslim countries God is using dreams to speak to people resulting in amazing stories of transformation. What does the Bible say about dreams and their purpose? How can dreams be an avenue for missional engagement? Could God use dreams to reach people in Canada today?

December: Mapping Your Neighbourhood

Understanding and connecting to the community is an essential aspect for any church that wants to stay alive and relevant today. How can we get to know our community? What are the steps for a church wants to engage with their community and how can we stay flexible enough to respond to the need around us? Video Here