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January 13 – Listening and Learning Together

Never has listening been such an important practice particularly as we consider indigenous issues. For us to redress the legacy with action, listening must proceed all we do. Considering the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report and the ’94 Calls To Action’ we all have an opportunity to listen and learn together. As we do this what are we to understand, and how might we respond?

February 10 – Decolonizing Evangelism

The ethos, and delivery of ministry and evangelism can unwittingly be characterized by unhelpful approaches. What are the key elements to consider when seeking to connect with our communities today? What shifts will we need to make to overcome a malaise in evangelism? How important is it for us to understand and adapt to cultural differences?

March 10 – Dreams as Mission

In many Muslim countries God is using dreams to speak to people resulting in amazing stories of transformation. What does the Bible say about dreams and their purpose? How can dreams be an avenue for missional engagement? Could God use dreams to reach people in Canada today?


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Past Webinars

December: Mapping Your Neighbourhood

Understanding and connecting to the community is an essential aspect for any church that wants to stay alive and relevant today. How can we get to know our community? What are the steps for a church wants to engage with their community and how can we stay flexible enough to respond to the need around us?

September: View from the Pew

Some church goers found the pandemic gave them time to rediscover the important things in life while others endured a deeply stressful time. Did the church get it right? How have you responded? Video here

February: Evangelism Today

What do we need to embrace and what do we need to avoid now?

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Discussion Guide for small groups

November: Dealing with Spiritual Warfare

In a bid to avoid excesses of spiritual warfare many churches ignore evade or underestimate the realities of the spiritual battle. What might a balanced approach look like and how can the church develop appropriate responses today?

April: Healthy Boundaries

Now more than ever we need to be concerned for the longevity of our ministries.  How can we have good boundaries today and what can we learn from those who have not had healthy boundaries?  Video here

January: Redefining the Church

Why does this moment call for a reshaping of the church and how can we embrace the opportunities before us?

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October: View from the Pulpit

When churches closed some people missed the in-person gatherings and struggled to worship at home while others discovered a new found freedom of online services. Did the church get it right? How have you responded?

March: Effective Communication

How do we know when effective communication has taken place? How can we best get our message across? What kinds of tools are available to help us? Video here    Read the summary

December: Self-Care Essentials

How do pastors and leaders practice self-care when there are so many demands?

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