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CBOQ pastors and leaders, you are invited to join CBOQ  for a webinar series especially designed with you in mind. Each month we’ll guide you through topical discussions with practical next steps and resources that will help you navigate the COVID reality.

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February 9 | March 9 at 10:00am

February: Why every pastor should have a church planting posture 

Church planting for too long has seemed like an exclusive club only for certain special people. What is it about church planting today that makes it so easy for ordinary Christians to get involved? How do churches go from a small core team to the multiplication of congregations? What is the mindset of those who love evangelism? How do churches see the world when mission is the central focus?  

March: Church Revitalization: Lessons and stories

Amidst the closure of churches something else is emerging; church revitalization. What is leading some churches to journey toward revitalization? What does revitalization require? What are the challenges that must be faced? What can help us stay on course with revitalization? What stories can encourage our churches today?

Join us for these exciting discussions at CBOQ Now and get ready to hear voices from within our Baptist family and beyond.

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January: Leadership Today

Christian leadership has sometimes been seen in a bad light due to previous scandals and misdemeanours, how can we sustain good leadership and build confidence in ministry? What strategies can be adopted to care for the leaders’ soul? Is leadership and management diametrically opposed? What does Biblical leadership look like?  

October: Mission: looking on the horizon

What is important as we approach mission in this context of Nones, Dones and Umms? What key elements has the church often missed when thinking about mission? What can mitigate against discouragement as we seek to engage in this environment? What should be the posture of our mission? Video here

December: The Place of Prayer in Worship

This vital webinar explores the place of prayer in our Sunday worship. How can our services incorporate the values of 1 Timothy 2:1 where it says, ‘I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people’? Also, what is the purpose of endeavours like ‘healing rooms’ and ‘soaking prayer’? What creative ideas might help us recover prayer as an integral part of our worship and mission?

September: Why am I going back to church?

As churches get back into the flow of meeting in person again, what are the essentials about our gatherings that we best not forget. Why do we meet? Is there something that belonging enables us to become more like Christ? Where does mission fit into our ethos and practice as we gather? What is the Holy Spirit seeking to do among us? Video hereDiscussion questions here

November: Pastoral Burnout

No one enters ministry seeking to burnout, but it can happen occasionally taking us by surprise. Here we have an opportunity to listen to those who have faced the difficult personal moments brought on by exhaustion. What were the signs of burnout? What did they learn and what would they do differently? How can we move forward after burnout?  What are the essentials for avoiding burnout in the future? 

April: Reconciliation

Given the diverse views in our churches and even more so because of the pandemic how can our churches be equipped to mend bridges? What can we learn from our global Baptist family about how reconciliation works? What is the scale of our need across the Canadian landscape for reconciliation? Video here.