The Lay Pastor’s Training Program is a ministry in association with CBOQ Church Life and Leadership

Who is LPTP for?

Has your church or some people in your congregation identified pastoral gifts in you? Have you accepted these gifts but unsure how to use them given that you do not sense a call to vocational pastoral ministry?

Are you willing to serve as a lay pastor but do not have time or resources to attend seminary because you wish to continue your current career but at the same time have been asked or are willing to pastorally lead a church?

Is your church looking for a lay leader to share the pastoral ministry with the lead pastor?

LPTP was created with you in mind!

The LPTP will give you a foundational and essential level of theological knowledge and practical training to lead a congregation as a lay pastor. It does not replace seminary education nor is it its equivalent but will give you a good basis to establish a strong lay pastor ministry.

LPTP can lead to accreditation within CBOQ at Level 2, non-ordained[1].

Please note: LPTP does not lead to recognized CBOQ ordination. Formal theological education is required for ordination.

[1] See the Accreditation and Ordination Manual

Content of LPTP

The training consists of two years of intentional mentoring, eight courses partly through online asynchronous learning (learning at your own time) over four semesters, and one course taught at a Canadian Baptist affiliated seminary. Each semester will have an in-person teaching seminar at a location that is as central as possible for all participants.

The curriculum is found in the LPTP Handbook.

Want to know more? Have questions?

See the LPTP Handbook and contact the CBOQ’s Pastoral Leadership Development Associate, Marc Potvin. or call at 416-620-2939.

Ready to Register?

Registration opens May 28, 2022 for the fall semester.