New to ministry with CBOQ?

If you are new to ministry in the CBOQ, we want to extend to you our warmest welcome, and express our appreciation for your partnership in ministry with us. CBOQ is comprised of about 350 churches that are distinctly Baptist, yet diverse in almost every way imaginable—in our geography, size and style of worship and breadth of ethnicities and languages. While some would find such diversity frustrating, we celebrate the opportunities that it allows us in reaching far and wide into our communities, and around our world.

For those new to the CBOQ, this may be confusing. (Learn more about the major Baptist Distinctives.) This is why we believe an orientation process to the unique facets of the CBOQ and our churches is so important.

New Pastors’ Orientation

Annually the CBOQ offers a retreat for all those who are new or who have not yet been accredited by the CBOQ.

The Orientation Process

Every ministry leader who enters the CBOQ is required to participate in an orientation process.

We believe that orientation is something that blesses the new leader as much as it enriches our fellowship. Through the orientation process a new pastor or leader is exposed to many different leaders within the CBOQ and has the opportunity to ask important questions and to learn about the culture, values and distinctives of our shared kingdom work.

Orientation also allows a new pastor or ministry leader to enter the accreditation and ordination process within the CBOQ. Accreditation is important both for the CBOQ as a whole and for a ministry leader. An accredited  pastor in the CBOQ receives additional support and resources that are not available to others. Accreditation provides professional credibility through association with over 500 other ministry leaders. An accredited CBOQ pastor has met certain standards that enhance their effectiveness, assure others of accountability for professional, ethical and moral behaviour, and provide a network of support, encouragement and accountability.

For a full explanation of the accreditation and ordination process within the CBOQ, please see the Accreditation Manual.


Pastoral Search

The pastoral search process is a moment that presents a unique opportunity for your community to grow in new ways. CBOQ has helped hundreds of churches through this process and has developed several best-practices resources to assist you.
Contact Jenya Bakai, (416-620-2933) Administrative Assistant, Leadership Development, if you have a a specific question about this process.

Learn more about Interim Ministry

Download our step-by-step guide for churches in leadership transition

Discover step-by-step guidelines for the pastoral search process: download the Procedure Manual for Pastoral Search Teams. A variety of related forms and surveys are also available on our Resources page.
Complete a profile for the position you seek to fill, and we’ll post it on our ministry opportunities page (which receives thousands of views per month). Once your job is posted, we’ll give you access to our confidential resume database from pastors currently open to a new ministry opportunity.
*For use by pastoral search committees only* A confidential database of resumes from pastors seeking placement in a CBOQ church. To obtain a password, contact Jenya Bakai.

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