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Below you will find links to recent issues of the CBOQ Pastors’ Update, news about where your fellow pastors are starting or finishing ministry and information about important upcoming events that are geared towards you and your ministry.

Road Map to Re-Opening

Government restrictions concerning places of worship are being lifted. Some churches have reopened while others are waiting until September. As opening become a reality, added to it are complexities of navigating this moment well. Recently a group of pastors joined together to talk about the challenges and opportunities of re-opening the doors of your church building.

Feeling Exhausted, Burned Out?

Here are some resources to provide you with some support and encouragement.

  1. Work life Health – This is a 24/7 hotline available to you at no cost through your benefits. Call 1-800-387-4765 (English)  or  1-800-361-5676 (French)  or visit: 
  2. Counselling
    Tyndale Counselling Services – available for individuals, couples, and families
    Living Waters Counselling Centre – available in English and Cantonese
  3. Spiritual Direction
    Emmaus Formation Centre  – please contact Sandy Broadus for referrals. 
    Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors (TASD)

Feel free to contact Paul Lam if you have any questions about these resources.

CBOQ Now will resume in the Fall!

On the second Thursday of the month (September-April) at 10:00 am. CBOQ Now hosts a conversation on topics that are current and relevant to pastors and churches today.

September 9: View from the Pew

October 14: View from the Pulpit

November 4: Dealing with Spiritual Warfare

December 9: Mapping Your Neighbourhood

New Resource: Spiritual Practices Guide

A guide for a personal retreat or to lead a small group or your leadership team.

Pastoral Transitions June 2021

Beginning Ministry

Brandon Kamerman First Baptist Church Ingersoll January 4, 2021
Thomas Babbey Blenheim Baptist Church February 1, 2021
Fabian Chiu Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church February 1, 2021
Abigail Davidson Spring Garden Baptist Church March 1, 2021
Julien Busse Dundas Baptist Church March 1, 2021
Michel Belzile Aylmer Baptist Church April 1, 2021
Yanjun Jerry Zhao  Milton Missionary Baptist Church  April 1, 2021
Pui Kei Karen Leung  Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church June 1, 2021

Concluding Ministry

Jordan Tetley Mississauga Chinese Baptist Church February 1, 2021
David Lin Wismer Baptist Church March 1, 2021
Marlee Page Banwell Community Church March 14, 2021
Michel Belzile Thornhill Baptist Church March 30, 2021
Ben Vanderheide Lakefield Baptist Church May 1, 2021
David Yoon Renforth Baptist Church June 16, 2021

Examining Council

David Bechard Cheltenham Baptist Church June 27, 2021


Amanda McCulloch Highland Baptist Church March 21, 2021
Tony Fu Logos Baptist Church Mississauga June 6, 2021
Dany Soto Logos Baptist Church Mississauga June 6, 2021
David Bechard Cheltenham Baptist Church July 11, 2021

Weekly Pastor’s Prayer

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Monthly Pastors’ Update

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  • Reminder: Prepare your Grant Application

    Grant application deadline is October 15. CBOQ offers grants to equip our churches and leaders, in t...

    September 1 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    On the second Thursday of the month (September-April) at 10:00 am. CBOQ Now hosts a conversation on ...

    September 9 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Church Planters Gathering

    CBOQ Church Planters gather together quarterly for inspiration, encouragement, fellowship and prayer...

    September 16 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Discipleship Culture Cohort Launch

    This conversation is a space for you and your leadership as a pastor. Pastors are invited to commit ...

    September 23 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Credentials Committee Meeting

    September 28 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm