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Upcoming Session

Effective Communication in a Pandemic – March 11, 10:00 am

How can you help your community engage with your church and its message?

Soul Day: Disorientation and Orientation

Monday, February 8, 9:30-4:30

It has been a difficult year for you, pastors. You have sacrificed your own life for the sake of others. It’s time to receive an invitation to rest from Jesus. It’s time for Him to minister to you. We invite you to Soul Day for Pastors to receive that rest. Rest in our souls and our bodies is needed more than ever. For this Soul Day, we will be spending time meditation on John 21 which was a space of disorientation to reorientation for the disciples.

This guided personal retreat experience will provide a blend of online worship and community and off-line personal spiritual practices.

Weekly Pastor’s Prayer

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New Resource: Spiritual Practices Guide

A guide for a personal retreat or to lead a small group or your leadership team.

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Past Issues

Pastors Transitions January 21, 2021

Beginning Ministry

Karl deSouza Montreal Chinese Baptist Church December 8, 2020
Andy Lin Wismer Baptist Church January 1, 2021
Xuelian Yang Montreal Chinese Baptist Church December 1, 2020

Concluding Ministry

Brian Affleck (retired) Carelton Place Baptist Church January 1, 2021
James Alford Whitby Baptist Church December 31, 2020
Melissa Aukema Bridle Trail Baptist Church January 1, 2021
Eric Campbell Central Baptist Church Sarnia January 1, 2021
Kevin Chan Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church January 1, 2021
Brenda Cheung Wismer Baptist Church January 20, 2021
John Cullen Lorne Park Baptist Church October 1, 2020
Kenneth Johnston Inniswood Baptist Church February 1, 2021
Michael Lau (retired) Logos Baptist Church, York Region January 1, 2021
James McBeth (retired) First Baptist Church Fort Erie January 1, 2021
Christina Ng Calvary Logos Baptist Church February 1, 2021
Gordon Rutledge Hillsburgh Baptist Church February 1, 2021
Chris Taylor Edmison Baptist Church January 1, 2021
Bill Terris (retired) Blenheim Baptist Church February 1, 2021
David West (retired) First Baptist Church Brampton January 1, 2021
C. David Young (retired) First Baptist Church Meaford January 1, 2021
Jun Yu North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church February 1, 2021


Lucas Jervis Avenue Road Baptist Church January 17, 2021

Upcoming Events