Journey Together: A Series of Conversation on Race

Racism is a crucial topic for the Church today and for future of the Church and CBOQ. We’ve had different guests journey alongside us for conversations on: race and discipleship, race and individuals, race and families/youth/children, and lastly, race and church cultures. We sought to share stories, lessons learned, resources and hope expressed. Watch these conversations below, and see how you might be able to learn from and apply some of the ideas shared.

For each of the four sessions, there is a pre-session video with reflection questions and a session video.

Journey Together: Introduction

Meet the CBOQ Intercultural and Racial Justice Working Group and hear a little of their story.

Blake Bentley | Renee James | David McCleary
Tim Tang | Tanya Yuen | Das Sydney

Journey Together: Race and the Church

This first conversation is really an introduction to approaching racism in the church.

Reflection Questions

  • What is the first thing that stood out to you from this conversation?
  • As you heard the stories of the working group, how was God moving in your heart?
  • What has been your definition of racism?  How does this racial hierarchy speak into your own life?
  • What are your own thoughts about systemic racism?  How does it make you feel to hear these examples?

Journey Together: Race and the Individual

In the second conversation we explore how we as individuals have been shaped and how that affects our perception.

Reflection Questions

  • What is intercultural?  What is cultural intelligence?
  • Why do we need to learn about other cultures? Or even our own culture?
  • When it comes to racism, are we simply racist or not racist?  Is there some type of progression when it comes to journey of race?
  • What are subtle and not so subtle forms of racism in our culture? How has your culture been portrayed in media/film and literature?

Journey Together: Race and Youth + Families

Racism is learned from our homes. Many of us were brought up with a White Jesus and had subtle and direct racist cultures in our homes. In what ways have we learned racism in our homes, churches, and culture?

Reflection Questions

  • How do you sense God working in you?   Where do you sense resistance?
  • What was your family’s view of other cultures/races?
  • How have you journeyed from your family culture?
  • Write out a prayer for yourself telling God what you heard and asking Him to continue a work in you toward love of all people.
  • How has your family shaped your view of other cultures?  Where do you still long for growth as you view and interact with other cultures?

Journey Together: Race and Church Culture


Reflection Questions

  • What stood out to you through this conversation?
  • What are your reflections on your personal leadership?
  • What are your reflections upon your church’s culture?  What needs to be affirmed?  What needs to growth?
  • How can we create a more welcome and hospitality culture where all people are welcomed to fully participate?

Suggested Resources

We recognize that there are many resources available. These are some of the resources we have found helpful.

  • CBOQ Next Generation. Anti-Racist Children and Family Ministry
  • Ijeoma Oluo. So you want to talk about Race
  • Ibram Kendi.  How to be an Antiracist
  • Howard Thurman.  Jesus and the Disinherited
  • Mark Charles and Soong Chan Rah. Unsettling Truths
  • Soong Chan Rah. Many Colors