Chesley Baptist Church Published: October 19, 2021
Job Type
Permanent Position
Number of Hours per Week
Salary Range (optional)
approx. $20/hr


This position would involve working and engaging with youth, making relationships with them that would lead to showing and teaching them the love of Christ. Creativity would be essential in accomplishing this. Also, if possible, it would be an asset if the applicant had some skills in computer/tech and/or media and a willingness to teach or show some of these skills to volunteer youth leaders. 

Chesley would consider a placement option for a ministry student.

Overview of Church and Community

Chesley Baptist is a small church in a small rural town in Bruce County that loves the Lord and to serve the community as Christ served. As most (not all) of the youth involved in the youth group come from non-Christian homes or are influenced by the cultures of the day, the ministry would be best viewed as an out-reach. This ministry is greatly needed, as there are not many people serving the youth in this town, showing the youth the love of Christ, teaching them the gospel message and gaining their trust and friendship to do so.

Church Purpose | Mission Statement

To love and serve others as Christ loved and served. 

Qualifications and Education Requirements

The Applicant must have a passion for youth and a passion to serve Christ. The applicant must agree with Chesley Baptist’s church’s Statement of Faith. He/she should have energy to keep up with the youth, have creativity to engage them and have a basic understanding of the bible. It would be a great asset to have computer and media skills. 

Role and Responsibilities

Coordinate weekly or bi-weekly youth gatherings, engage with the youth in person or on social media and work along with volunteers. Details would have to be discussed and many options would be considered. 

Preferred Skills

  • Energetic, and upbeat personality 
  • Work together with others 
  • Basic Bible Knowledge and a willingness to learn 
  • Computer and media skills 


Please send resume to Pastor Dean Bender

Email :

Chesley Baptist Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.