Toronto Swatow Baptist Church Published: August 27, 2019
Job Type
Permanent Position


We are looking for a Senior Pastor to take over leadership upon retirement of our current Senior Pastor in Mid-2019. We would optimally wish to have a period of overlap to ensure a smooth transfer of
knowledge and transition from the current Senior Pastor to the new Senior Pastor. We believe this will greatly improve the transition success for both the new Senior Pastor and the church.

Overview of Church and Community

Toronto Swatow Baptist Church (TSBC) is an inter-generational community of Christ-followers located in the heart of an immigrant community; Scarborough, Ontario (Suburb of Toronto). We are looking for a passionate full-time pastor to lead our church, consisting of 100+ members from children to adult, in three congregations (Cantonese, English, and Mandarin). Our vision as a church is to focus upon 4 simple yet compelling lenses: Bible Knowledge + Apologetics,
Prayer, Discipleship + Mentorship, and Community Engagement + People Connections. Ourleadership structure consists of a Church Council who works alongside a Senior Pastor supported by an English Pastor and Part-Time Mandarin Pastor.

We have an aging Cantonese congregation balanced with a core of strong middle-aged committed Christ-followers passionate about serving our Lord. We have a young English congregation (approximately 30 members) who are predominantly student to early adulthood
as the primary age group that has a vibrant Community Group model that has recently been adopted. We have a newly birthed Mandarin congregation with some exciting ministry opportunities ahead of us as we have seen God working in mighty ways through various community service activities.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

1. Mature Christ follower who has a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and adheres to all scriptural teachings (and has been baptized by immersion)
2. Fully embraces the mission, vision and values of TSBC, recognizing their membership to the church, participating in the regular life of the church through all ministries: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, Evangelism
3. A love for people, with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
4. A good understanding of culture and the cross-cultural challenges in a multi-cultural church
5. Able to mentor and equip others in a multi-cultural, multi-staff team environment
6. Spiritually gifted in the areas of Leadership, Evangelism, Preaching, Administration
7. Experience serving in a Chinese evangelical church context, minimum six years of experience
8. Master of Divinity or higher from an accredited theological seminary
9. Proficient in written/spoken Cantonese and English. Additionally, Mandarin language skills would be an asset.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Church Oversight
o Ensuring proper doctrinal and theological teaching and understanding
o Strategize collaboration between all congregations and ministries to align with church vision
o Develop an effective discipleship culture
o Lead and develop strategy for participation in local and global mission
o Serves as primary contact point for interaction and engagement with other churches,
outside agencies and organizations
o Takes on ultimate responsibility for ministries in the church
2. Staff Development
o Work with pastoral team to lead, empower, develop, and implement ministry plans in
accordance with church vision
o Strategizes spiritual and professional development opportunities to maximize ministry
effectiveness and health
o Provides spiritual care and support to pastoral staff to ensure health and wholeness in life
and ministry
o Ensures accountability to job description and ministry roles and responsibilities
o Committed to building healthy team practices and resolution of conflict when necessary
3. Worship Ministry
o Oversee and give church-wide direction on worship and pulpit ministries
o Participate regularly in the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, helping to ensure gospelcenteredness
and alignment with church vision and direction
o Helps to assess effectiveness of worship ministries in regards to content, style, structure and
4. Ministry Groups
o Give overall direction to ministry groups in the development of ministry plans
o Ensure ministry group alignment with overall church vision
o Facilitate collaboration and partnership with other congregations/church ministries
5. Pastoral Ministry
o To provide leadership and guidance in leading the pastoral team in the areas of discipleship,
counselling, mentoring, accountability, and encouragement
o To provide pastoral care to the congregations through visitation, counselling, and prayer
6. Administrative
o To oversee the administration and management of all areas of congregational ministries in
consultation with the Church Council
o Give ministry reports to the Church Council on a monthly basis, in collaboration with ministry
o Lead and support the pastor team and staff in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities


To apply, please send your (1) cover letter/resume, (2) personal testimony, (3) statement of faith, (4) and any other documents that you feel would be beneficial in consideration of your application to:


Toronto Swatow Baptist Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. ***