Centreville Baptist Church Published: February 3, 2023
870 Murray Dr, Centreville, NS B0P 1J0

Job Type
Permanent Position
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To provide leadership for the whole work of Centreville Baptist Church: preaching the word of God, leading in the sacraments, teaching the Scriptures, overseeing the development of ministries and vision, responsible for discipling and equipping the congregation for ministry, providing pastoral care, and overseeing administrative functions, including supervision of paid pastoral staff.

The Senior Pastor is accountable first and foremost to God and secondly to the membership of the Centreville Baptist Church through the governing Board. The Senior Pastor reports directly to the Board. This position is evaluated annually under the direction of the Human Resource Committee on behalf of the Board. He or she will report annually to the membership of the congregation.

The Senior Pastor is also accountable to fellow pastoral staff members as a team leader.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

The Senior Pastor will have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrate a life of discipleship in Jesus Christ through his or her way of life, be a competent administrator, has a proven leadership track record, has a Master of Divinity or the equivalent, be ordained or eligible to be ordained in the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches or one of its sister Convention/ Union.

Role and Responsibilities

Specific Responsibilities (all percentages are subject to change based on the needs or requirements set forth by the Human resource committee of Centreville Baptist)

Preaching and Teaching (35%):

Plan the weekly worship services in conjunction with the Worship Team leader and choir director. Preach messages that are rooted in, and consistent with scripture, ensuring that worship services are effective regarding content, style, structure and design.

Through teaching and example, lead the congregation in developing a Christian worldview and mission-minded vision and ministry, fostering a full commitment to following Jesus Christ. Lead in the administration of the sacraments (Baptism and Lord's Supper). Officiate at weddings and funerals, as appropriate.

Administration (20%):

Oversee the activities and positions of the Associate Pastor(s) and any ministers- in training.

Conduct an annual review, along with the Human resource Committee of Associate Pastor{s) ministers- in- training (if the latter is required). Conduct meetings with the pastoral staff of the church on a regular basis. Work with church ministries and pastoral staff to ensure that all efforts are in line with the vision of the church.

Participate as an ex-officio member of the governing Board and Deacons Committee and act as a counsellor of all ministry groups of the church. He or she will guide the various groups and the governing Board in their spiritual direction, providing vision and support.

Ensure telephone, mail and electronic mail is answered promptly. Ensure bulletin information is forwarded to volunteers.

Outreach/Community Engagement (10%):

Be involved in community affairs attending when possible, civic and cultural

events. Encourage and equip congregational members to share their faith in words

and action in the community and at the national and international level. In addition, ensure that contact is maintained with church supported missionaries and supported Christian development endeavours.

Ensure the congregation is welcoming to its guests, taking care that those who have begun to attend on a regular basis are visited and encouraged to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and the church.

Participate and represent the church in the Canning and Area Inter-Church Council. Participate and represent the church in the Eastern Valley Baptist Association.

Foster has a good relationship with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches,

actively participating in its endeavour as is feasible.

Congregational Relations/ Pastoral Care (25%):

Provides care for spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the congregation as needed in partnership with Deacons.

Be actively involved. in the life of the church.

Visit the sick, shut in and nursing home residents as needed.

Be available and responsive to crisis situations as they arise in the life of the congregation and community, if necessary.

Ensure members and adherents of the congregation are visited and or kept in touch with on a regular basis. (It is understood that the Senior Pastor is not able to make every visit, or to provide direct care for every person. Situations involving critical illness or death are to be given priority and emphasis.)

Provide pastoral counselling as needed, knowing the services that are offered in the

area in order to best direct those who need longer term counselling.

Ensure that premarital counselling is provided prior to officiating a wedding.

Provide appropriate grief counselling prior to and following funerals.

Personal Spiritual and Professional Development (10%):

Maintain a healthy relationship with God that exemplifies a disciplined plan of personal worship to include: prayer, Bible study, and financial giving as a part of the regular church offering, exhibiting a positive and wholesome Christian lifestyle.

Take regular Sabbath time weekly and regular vacations yearly. Maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.

Maintain a healthy relationship with his or her family, availing himself or herself of the services offered through the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and/or other local services if required.

Maintain a professional development plan that includes regular attendance at theological and biblical conferences and seminars.