First Baptist Church Pembroke Published: January 5, 2020
Job Type
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We are seeking a Part-time Pastor who is led by the Holy Spirit to enable and equip the members of this congregation to fulfill God’s purpose here and abroad. This would include:

Preaching, teaching, evangelizing, and working within a team ministry environment. It is expected that the Pastor will work with our Board of Deacons & Board of Management, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to provide leadership in all aspects of Church life.

Overview of Church and Community

We have approximately 30 Active Adult members,13 Adherents and 9 inactive members, the majority of whom are over the age of 50. Our Church just celebrated our 146th Anniversary. The average attendance at Church on Sunday is 30 to 35 people. Our  Sunday School is held during the Church Service and presently we have between 5 and 7 children who attend.

Sunday service starts at 10:30. We have a short social time after the service.When the Choir is practicing, they meet after the social time.We have a Ladies group which meets monthly. We have been holding a Bible Study group on Tuesday mornings, twice a year. Each study has 6 to 8 sessions.We try to have a week long Daily Vacation Bible School in the summer. The program is in the mornings, Monday to Friday, with a Closing program Friday night. We normally have 30 children registered for this program.We also participate in the yearly Pine Car Derby. The children from area churches build their own cars and then get together and race them. We have a unified budget of approximately $75,000.00.The church does not have a parsonage and the average cost of rent is $1300.00. The immediate church area consists mainly of single dwelling homes with some duplexes and apartments.

The Ottawa Valley has many lakes and streams and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In the Pembroke area, we have the Pembroke Regional Hospital, Algonquin College, 3 High Schools and 10 elementary schools. We are approximately 1.5 hours from Ottawa.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Our Pastor will lead the worship service and deliver a Holy Spirit inspired message on Sunday; teach one or two Bible Study groups( 6 to 8 sessions) per year, Visitation, counselling, mentoring, leading by example and in general, being a good Shepherd to the flock are all the responsibilities that we pray our new Pastor will assume.

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

An ordained Pastor with CBOQ credentials is preferred. Some pastoral experience would be an asset but, we are truly seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For that reason, we do not want to hinder His work by setting  out an amount of education or experience required.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Effectively preach and teach the Good News of Jesus Christ, at the Sunday morning service

2. Lead or mentor others to lead Bible Studies

3. Lead the congregation at the monthly Congregational Communion

4. Be licensed and willing to officiate at weddings and funerals, as needed

5. Maintain and foster a cordial and supportive relationship with CBOQ

6. Provide appropriate counselling services to members of the church family and be responsive to those in crisis situations etc.

7. Effectively oversee and provide oversight to Christian activities, in conjunction with the Sunday School and the Deacon’s Board

8. Work with the worship team to plan worship services that are meaningful and honouring to God.

9. Willing to abide by the constitution of First Baptist Church, Pembroke

10. Ability to complete some clerical work


Preferred Skills

  1. A Pastor with strong Christian commitment. One who is able to lead the congrgation, not only with teaching but by example. Adheres to the CBOQ code of conduct for Pastors.
  2. A Pastor who has a strong knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and is able to teach and preach from the scriptures, relying on guidance from the Holy Spirit to bring the scriptures to life and to relate them to life in 2020.
  3. A Pastor who is able to communicate with people of all ages and situations. Also is able to show Christian Love and compassion to all.
  4. A Pastor who can aid in developing a vision for outreach and is committed to working towards spiritual and church growth.
  5. A leader who can work with a wide variety of personalities; able to guide individuals and groups towards achieving common goals.
  6. A Pastor who is a care giver, visitor, counsellor, effective overseer of the congregation.
  7. Some musical talent would be considered an asset, but is not essential.
  8. Work with the worship team to plan worship services that are meaningful and honouring to God.
  9. Willing to abide by the constitution of First Baptist Church, Pembroke
  10. Ability to complete some clerical work


Contact Information

Name: Judy St Cyr
Phone: 613-687-1576
Box 3002, 72 Sylvan Drive
RR#6 Pembroke, On
K8A 6W7

Name: Denzil Mohns
Phone: 613-732-7982
665 River Road
Pembroke, On
K8A 1A5